Self-Care Class Recap

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Class was lit!

In class we learned the new high-vibrational strategies for taking our power back: life, mind, body, emotional, spirit, and soul. (unapologetically!)


We had a great time in class yesterday, including the bonus 30 minutes of q+a, that wasn't filmed. It was a spontaneous love thing happening. I was so here for you all's questions. It was like an after party I guess we could say. Ay!!! Thanks to all who attended live and via class recording. 

We expanded into the deeper side of self-care. We talked about the highs and lows of day-to-day life and how self-care can be used to take our power back and much, much more. (Self-care for president!)

Ever thought, "There's so many ways and roads to wellness, where do I start?". Yeah, I know that feeling. I used to have it years ago. Learning the art of self-care has been a game changer. It changed my life for the better. Off days don't stick or stay around for long once you know how to take your power back. Self-care shifts us into a higher-vibrational state of being. Allowing us to dip out on those lower vibrations. Can someone say mind, body, soul LIBERATION!! 


I shared many of my favorites self-care products and modalities. Three being: herbal adaptogens (mind), therapeutic baths (body), and music therapy (soul). 


Tuning in. 'Listening to The Most High One'.

Tuning in. 'Listening to The Most High One'.


Me getting vibbyyy and tuning in, via my Energy Cleanse playlist.

We started class on a high note with this prayer/meditation track that I'm featured on titled The Most High One, by Londrelle. Be sure to visit Londrelle on Spotify for more glorious vibes. This track is also available on Tidal, Apple Music and beyond. I'm so heart-filled to see how many people have added this track to their morning and self-care routine. May it fortify you as well.



Here are 3 topics we covered:

1. Slowing Down  

  • Make time/make space
  • Becoming present/tune out the noise
  • Slow living 

2. Restoring Balance

  • Slowing down the breath
  • Plant medicine
  • Do more of what makes you vibrate higher

3. Nervous System Care

  • Upgrading your system
  • Parasympathetic nervous system work
  • Empowerment. Live in your authenticness




If you too would like to benefit from the powerful art of deep self-care, sign up and check out the class below.

Or, if you need more support and guidance in self-care, vibrating higher, and on your journey, schedule a One + One Session with me.