Summer Self-Care Series – Vol 1: Mind

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As a child and young person, summer always felt light to me. It was like entering into a whole different dimension, and still is. It was and still is that season my soul thrives and finds the most joy in. And not to mention, I’m a summer baby: June 23rd, Cancer sun/Leo moon. That’s double summer energy. So I get Summer on the same deep level that so many other summer babies do. Shout out to all the fellow summer babies out there! And happy birthday season to you!

This summer, as in right now, we’re introducing our Summer Self-Care Series: a series of blogs and mixed media content (including a new summer playlist! Ay! ) to help carry you through the rest of summer and beyond. Annnnd, to help you vibrate higher daily and journey in grace, while summering it up. An essential part!

Self-care is many things to each person, and in this series, we’ll be focusing on self-caring of the whole-self, not just one aspect of it.

Wholeness is wellness. It’s also where thriving is at! Let’s get there, together, this summer. Welcome to the series!! Here’s volume 1.

Summer self-care Vol. 1


Fig. 01 | Mind Vibrations

Fig. 01 | Mind Vibrations

Thoughts and beliefs

are magnetic

vibrations; they

create more of

themselves. Yes,

yes, yes. Your

thoughts and beliefs

are alive!

The Importance of

a Light Mind in


Summertime, that beloved season when the sun and skies are the bluest, clearest, brightest, and, most beautiful. It’s when we wear lighter materials and less clothing. We liberate ourselves, in a way. We become more active and free. For me, this is symbolic. The message here being, be light, stay light, be free! As within, so without.

For most of us, our thoughts can be a huge wild-thing to tame and control. That being stated, did you know that in regards to your mind being light, or heavy, free or liberated, that your thoughts don’t act alone.

Linked up tight like five loyal and tight homies are your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your beliefs, your thoughts, and your vibration. As powerful co-creators or your reality, these five homies run and govern you and your entire reality.


Your most dominant subconscious beliefs, as in your normal day-to-day mindset; your auto-pilot mind, energetically and chemically sway your cognitive functioning, actions, and your hormones, via your brain’s neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters, which work like chemical soldiers and messengers, tell your body and emotions how to feel and how to respond to your life and to everything and everyone in it. That’s power!

Your subconscious mind is neutral to good or bad, positive or negative, high vibrational or low vibrational. It doesn't reason with you whether a thing is best for you, or not. Once it takes note of your conscious mind’s beliefs, its sole focus becomes to then bring into your reality the product of those beliefs, whatever they are: good or bad. This is why it’s essential to stay mindful of your vibration, to guard your thoughts, and to work on letting go of any limiting beliefs, because the subconscious mind sees it all as matter it has to manifest and bring about into your reality.

Your subconscious mind is the faithful driver following navigation and commands from your conscious mind, and its beliefs. So in this sense, the subconscious mind is the captain of your ship, and your life is the ship.

Where is the ‘captain of your ship’ taking you and your life?

This classic ship metaphor was thought by Joseph Murphy, in one of my all-time favorite and most recommended books, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. This is the book that transformed my mind and changed the game for me. If you’re desiring to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to reach a state harmony in order to best serve you, as well as dive deeper into understanding how it best works, THIS, is THE BOOK. THIS IS YOUR BOOK. Period! :)

"When your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together in harmony, the result is harmony, health, joy, and peace. The pain and suffering of the world is due to the unharmonious connection between the conscious and subconscious mind.” – Joseph Murphy

It was liberating, on countless levels, to learn that while my subconscious mind had been programmed by my own self-generated thoughts and beliefs, as well as, past experiences and programming coming from the outside world, that I had the sacred option to: take my power back. And, to vibrate higher daily with grace, from wherever I find myself.

And, that’s just what I did. And what I still do, whenever I observe my mind running wild and heavy, to a point that it and my subconscious mind, are no longer in harmony, and therefor, aren’t serving me, my tasks, my beliefs, or my health. It’s all about bringing your conscious mind, subconscious mind, your beliefs, your thoughts, and your vibration into alignment and harmony.

Vibrating higher daily helps you do this, it supports you in being light. Spiritually and mentally, a light mind is higher potential mind.

Fig. 02 | Expansions

Fig. 02 | Expansions


+ reflect

  • How are your subconscious beliefs–the captain directing your ship–serving you in the various aspects of your life? Are you happy with where you are at and where you’re heading?

  • Are you holding onto any beliefs that are creating vibrational or emotional heaviness, static, and/or blockage?

  • Are you journeying vibrationally and emotionally light, free, and empowered?

  • Are you allowing your life to flow in divine order and sacred timing?

  • Are you honoring your current process you’re in?

  • Are there any places you're trying to over-control the flow of your life, or your current process?

  • Are you, through healthy beliefs, creating sacred space in your life for divine order and divine timing to manifest, without interference?

  • What don’t you have control over? What you do have control over? Do you know the difference?

  • What can you let go and surrender to The Divine?

  • What higher beliefs can you work on bringing more of into your realty?

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings


  1. Transform any mental/emotional heaviness, or scarcity energy, into higher vibrations. My quick and highly effective go-to practice for this, which I learned in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, is to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones.

  2. Or I do as one of my mentors and teachers taught me, I say the words, “cancel, cut, delete’. This resets the whole computer mind within. It course corrects your subconscious mind. It snaps it back into alignment, where it can better serve you.

  3. Surrender what you can't control. Worry, stress, anxiety, and/or over-control, are not healthy, helpful, or productive vibrations to any situation. The best outcomes manifest when these energies are removed and transformed into right action through vibrating in your power. So go calm and take your power back!

  4. Go calm! Your mind, thoughts, and hormones, all function best in a calm state. Your hormones regulate your system, so this is key.

  5. Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t.

  6. Speak, feel, and visualize your higher vibrational desires already being so. Feel yourself giving thanks and being worthy of it in advance. This is how you program the subconscious mind to go get it and magnetically bring it in.

  7. From this empowered and magnetic place, you'll take any right and proper action and any necessary next steps. Live with an abundant mindset. And do whatever work it takes to clear blockages and mental static.

  8. Say daily affirmations. This rewires the brain, clears away limiting beliefs, and reprograms the subconscious mind. AY!!

  9. Listen to binaural beats and other high-vibrational music, daily. Binaural beats promote brain entrainment, which also rewires the brain, raises its vibration, and reprograms the subconscious mind to reach its higher potential. Don’t know where to find high vibrational music? No worries. I’ve got you covered. I’ve already found it for you. Are you tapped into my Energy Cleanse playlist on Spotify? I first created this playlist because I needed it. The more and more it served me, I knew I had to share it so that others could benefit from it too. It has since become a favorite daily playlist and supportive tool for so many. May it serve you too!

  10. Resources! If you’d like to go deeper down the rabbit hole, like I curiously did, here are a few other powerful modalities, tools, and topics to explore: Epigenetic’s, Subconscious Realignment, Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnotherapy, breathwork like my dear sister friend Ashley Neece teaches and also writes about in her book How to Breathe, the book A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, and the book Toward a Psychology of Being, by Abraham Maslow. Doctah B’s Parasite cleansing products and program, which also elevates the mind and subconscious mind.

Learn the right tools and skills. Find your teachers. Be guided. Take a class, or a course. Manifest a great mentor who can help you transform your mind and take your power back. This is what I did. I learned to practice what I call spiritual kung fu, as a result. If you desire guidance and feel led to go deeper in, but don’t know where to start, call in your teachers. I offer this type of guidance on this website, over in the Member’s Lounge. I have various videos teachings and discussions on The Mind, the emotions, vibrating higher daily, and taking your power back. It’s a supportive space for souls like you. There are many great teachers, conferences, and workshops, available all over the globe. Discover who, and what, is out there. Treat yourself to guidance that will free your mind, change your life, the change the game.

Whoever and whatever you find out there, may it/they help you vibrate higher daily! Cheers!

Serenity Prayer:

Most High, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

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Summer Self-Care Series

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