Summer Self-Care Series – Vol 2: Vibration

Fig. 01 | We Are Vibrational Beings [Lalah Delia by India X]

Fig. 01 | We Are Vibrational Beings [Lalah Delia by India X]

How are you vibrating?

Has your vibration been light, or weighed down? High or low? Whole, or fragmented? Focused, or foggy? Grounded, or scattered? Peaceful, or tense? Poised, or triggered?

These types of reflection questions are a great way to check in with yourself, and practice vibrational awareness and introspection–daily. From here, you'll know in which direction to continue vibrating in, in order to feel like your optimal and higher potential self again.

How Are You


When you find yourself in a vibration not serving you, observe it without identifying as it, it’s not you. Raise up your hand and say peace out–to it. A shift to higher ground can be attained. Rising above and vibrating out of any mood, feeling, thought, pattern, or consciousness that would put a limit on you: growth, health, and potential wise, is what vibrating higher daily is all about. From wherever you are daily, there’s always a path, an open door, to go higher. Navigating yourself to a higher path is vital to your overall greater good. It’s choosing a new destination and reality, which brings about higher potential opportunities, outcomes, experiences, and people, along with it. Sign me up! Again and again!

If the vibration you’re in is serving you, yes, cheers!! You’re on a roll!!

Keep doing what’s been helping you thrive and vibrate higher. Do more of what works! Because, it will help sustain you: by creating vibrational consistency in your life. When you’re vibrating high, on a foundational level, everything you do has higher potential to it. And in this higher state, you’re more magnetic in manifesting your highest goals and aspirations on your vision boards and lists.

High vibrations lead to a better life.

Fig. 02 | Higher [by Lalah Delia]

Fig. 02 | Higher [by Lalah Delia]

The Path Higher

What’s your

soul’s medicine?

What Restores

you and raises

your vibration?

There are so many wonderful ways to vibrate higher. Overall, doing more of what makes you feel like you again–is the pathway. It’s how you find your soul's medicine.

When I mention not identifying with a low vibe, I’m saying don’t see ‘it’–as you. See ‘it’ as simply a passing vibration. (Think of clouds, or weather, passing by.) Then be the observer who lovingly shows it on its way. This is done a number of ways. First, by taking note of it in your awareness. Second, by responding–into action. This is how you become unstuck and enter back in a higher flow and vibration. Third, by honoring what your medicine is, and consistently taking it, doing it, and/or by being around it.

This is a topic I shared this past week, as Target’s 'Wednesday Wisdom Series’ mentor of the month. Be sure to follow along every Wednesday, this month of August, via @TargetTag’s stories. For a recap of previous weeks, checkout @TargetTag’s story highlights, situated right below the bio section. Look for the story highlight titled “Advice”.

My Soul’s


Some of my soul's vibrational medicine this summer has been reflexology, massages to discharge any accumulated vibrations, or energy, within that doesn't serve me, intermittent fasting, fresh grapefruit and ginger juice, eating light meals, flower essences, and quiet alone time in nature. Reading, cozy blankets, spa-style bath, candles, and essential oils. Laughter. Gratitude journaling to reset and refocus my mind, as needed. Drinking herbal tea and hibiscus/rose tea, for inner-fortification. Herbal tea is a bath for the inner-body. Eating nourishing meals. I bought several new plants from Rolling Greens in LA, to bring in new vibrations in my home. I've continued to be vibrationally nourished by soul-stimulating conversations with my sister Aisha and daughter India. Good music. My Summer Vortex and Energy Cleanse playlists have been on heavy rotation.

All of this has carried me through.

The complexities

and contrasting

elements of life

are what make

Vibrating higher

daily a Necessity.

– Lalah Delia

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings [Lalah Delia by India X]

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings [Lalah Delia by India X]



Stay close to what puts you back in the higher flow of life. Take note of what's been healing, nurturing, and realigning you lately. What’s been working? What hasn’t? That’s how you’ll know.

We show up and perceive life according to our vibration. So, vibrate higher daily, in these summer streets ya’ll!! This is vital, because we’re all out here sharing space, a.k.a. Earth.

Summer Self-Care Series Solution Recap

  1. Find ways to discharge low vibrations you’ve absorbed and accumulated. Massages, bathing in epsom salt, running, sun bathing, swimming in the ocean, and taking plant medicine such as flower essences, herbal tea, herbal tincture, tonics, and adaptogens.

  2. Transform any mental/emotional heaviness and energy into higher vibrations. My quick and highly effective go-to practice for this, which I learned in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, is to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. This helps to rewire the brain, forming new thought patterns.

  3. And/or I do as one of my mentors and teachers taught me, I say the words, “cancel, cut, delete’ lower vibrational words or statements slips out of my mouth. This resets the whole computer mind within. It course corrects your subconscious mind. It snaps it back into alignment, where your thoughts and words can better serve you, vibrationally.

  4. Surrender what you can't control. Worry, stress, anxiety, and/or over-control, are not healthy, helpful, or productive vibrations to any situation. The best outcomes manifest when these energies are removed and transformed into right action through vibrating in your power. So go calm and take your power back!

  5. Go calm! Your vibration, mind, thoughts, and hormones, all function best in a calm state. Your vibration and hormones regulate and instruct your system, so this is key.

  6. Focus on and vibrate toward what you can control, not on what you can’t. Meditate on the Serenity Prayer. Shared in Self-Care Series Vol.1: Mind.

  7. Say daily affirmations and prayers. This aligns the higher mind, conscious mind, and the subconscious mind to feel empowered and able. AY!!

  8. Listen to binaural beats and other high-vibrational music, daily. Binaural beats promote brain entrainment, which also rewires the brain, raises its vibration, and reprograms the subconscious mind to reach its higher potential. Don’t know where to find high vibrational music? No worries. I’ve got you covered. I’ve already found it for you. Are you tapped into my Energy Cleanse playlist on Spotify? I first created this playlist because I needed it. The more and more it served me, I knew I had to share it so that others could benefit from it too. It has since become a favorite daily playlist and supportive tool for so many. May it serve you too!

  9. Resources! Here are a few other powerful modalities, tools, and topics to explore: Breathwork like my dear sister friend Ashley Neece teaches and also writes about in her book How to Breathe, the book A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering, by Thich Nhat Hanh, and the book Toward a Psychology of Being, by Abraham Maslow. Doctah B’s Parasite cleansing products and program, which helps the mind and body vibrate higher. Insight Timer, a free guided mediation app and content library.

  10. Learn the right tools and skills. Find your teachers. Be guided. Take a class, or a course. Manifest a great mentor who can help you transform your mind and take your power back. This is what I did. I learned to practice what I call spiritual kung fu, as a result. If you desire guidance and feel led to go deeper in, but don’t know where to start, call in your teachers. I offer this type of guidance on this website, over in the Member’s Lounge. It’s a supportive space for souls like you. There are many great teachers, conferences, and workshops, available all over the globe. Discover who, and what, is out there. Treat yourself to guidance that will free your mind, raise your vibration, change your life, the change the game.

    Whoever and whatever you find out there, may it/they help you vibrate higher daily! Cheers!

Vibration Prayer:

Most High,
plant my mind, body,
heart, and soul,
on higher ground.

Lift my life to new heights.
Awaken my higher-potential.

Guide me,
from whenever I am,
each day.

Thank you for helping me
vibrate higher daily.

What’s been nourishing you? Share in the comments.

// Have you read Vol.1 of Summer Self-care Series: Mind?



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