Self-Care Class Recap

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Class was lit!

In class we learned the new high-vibrational strategies for taking our power back: life, mind, body, emotional, spirit, and soul. (unapologetically!)


We had a great time in class yesterday, including the bonus 30 minutes of q+a, that wasn't filmed. It was a spontaneous love thing happening. I was so here for you all's questions. It was like an after party I guess we could say. Ay!!! Thanks to all who attended live and via class recording. 

We expanded into the deeper side of self-care. We talked about the highs and lows of day-to-day life and how self-care can be used to take our power back and much, much more. (Self-care for president!)

Ever thought, "There's so many ways and roads to wellness, where do I start?". Yeah, I know that feeling. I used to have it years ago. Learning the art of self-care has been a game changer. It changed my life for the better. Off days don't stick or stay around for long once you know how to take your power back. Self-care shifts us into a higher-vibrational state of being. Allowing us to dip out on those lower vibrations. Can someone say mind, body, soul LIBERATION!! 


I shared many of my favorites self-care products and modalities. Three being: herbal adaptogens (mind), therapeutic baths (body), and music therapy (soul). 


Tuning in. 'Listening to The Most High One'.

Tuning in. 'Listening to The Most High One'.


Me getting vibbyyy and tuning in, via my Energy Cleanse playlist.

We started class on a high note with this prayer/meditation track that I'm featured on titled The Most High One, by Londrelle. Be sure to visit Londrelle on Spotify for more glorious vibes. This track is also available on Tidal, Apple Music and beyond. I'm so heart-filled to see how many people have added this track to their morning and self-care routine. May it fortify you as well.



Here are 3 topics we covered:

1. Slowing Down  

  • Make time/make space
  • Becoming present/tune out the noise
  • Slow living 

2. Restoring Balance

  • Slowing down the breath
  • Plant medicine
  • Do more of what makes you vibrate higher

3. Nervous System Care

  • Upgrading your system
  • Parasympathetic nervous system work
  • Empowerment. Live in your authenticness




If you too would like to benefit from the powerful art of deep self-care, sign up and check out the class below.

Or, if you need more support and guidance in self-care, vibrating higher, and on your journey, schedule a One + One Session with me. 


Life Outside of Fear & Comfort Zones

Fig. 1 | Peace

Fig. 1 | Peace

"there's a spiritual peace that comes after a while". 


My goal for this year has been intentionally living life outside of fear and comfort zones. It's been life-changing since. Growth is real. This photo above was taken last week right before I was about to go on stage to speak on a panel in front of a room full of people, and there was a camera crew that would record us all speaking. This all took place last weekend at the Well-Being In The Modern Age conference at Neuehouse, Hollywood. The level of peace I felt was noticeable within myself. It felt therapeutic even. Had this been a few years ago, or even one year ago, I would have been full of fear. I would've been looking for any opportunity to stay within my comfort zone and/or say no thank you to the opportunity (crying emoji). In other words, I would've not been here for that level of anxiety or nervous energy. I know now that that energy is growth serum for the soul. It’s to progress us forward and not backwards. It's so we grow and are not left behind or stagnant in life. I now transmute fear into peace and passion. So huge cheers, and a fist in the air for growth!


Our life work and our highest path requires us to grow and mature beyond the fear and comfort zone/s that keep us at one level or another for far too long. The more and more we surrender and allow ourselves to feel the fear and do it anyway, we grow and expand. And as we continue growing, there's a spiritual peace that comes after a while. As we mature and live into this spiritual peace, we become clearer channels and vessels, in greater and greater ways. 


Our fear and comfort zone doesn't serve the world. It doesn't serve who we've come here to grow into and become. Our true purpose and power meets us outside of our comfort zone.

– Lalah Delia



Surrender + Go Forth

The more we allow our life to use us as the vessels we are, the more we align with and access our higher potential, and live our most authentic life. Greater fulfillment within comes as we live outside of our comfort zone. From this space within and without, life begins to have deeper clarity, meaning, and purpose.


The Root of Comfort Zones is Fear

Fear shows up in many different forms and layers. These layers and forms include: self-sabotage, procrastination, bitterness, worry, doubt, inability to adapt to change or to move forward in progress, not sharing your gifts, dumbing down your light, low self-worth, staying in toxic relationships, perfectionism, being over-bearing, being a toxic person, over thinking, settling, and all the way to manifesting health problems and dis-ease. Fear is a toxin and poison.  

Stay growing, elevating and rising above and beyond all forms and layers of fear. 





When you perceive fear or comfort zone-ness in progress, vibrate out of both of them. Feel the fear and do it anyway. That's how you win.



What comfort zone is your life currently in?

Are you allowing fear and/or comfort zones to hold you, your work, or life back in any way?

Where in your life is there fear?

What does your comfort zone look like?

What does living a life full of courage look like?

What are you looking forward to manifesting and experiencing through the spiritual art of living life outside of your comfort zone?




The Spiritual Art of Releasing and Letting Go

untitled shoot-007-3.jpg


As we journey and unfold further into Spring, I find myself reflecting on how much I shed during the winter. I also reflect on how at each level we arrive at in life there's something or someone that can't go with us to our next level. The next level is us vibrating higher in some aspect and area of our lives. It's an elevation process. And if we try to force that person or thing (that life is needing us to let go of) to fit into where we're headed, we only delay the process and progress. And we weight ourselves down, vibration-wise and energy-wise.


Everything in nature has a process and cycle of shedding, letting go, and making room for its developmental-progress. We're here to be a part of this same organic developmental-cycle. It's when we try not to be, that we experience thoughts that our life is working against us and not for us. I recall countless times where I've thought this. Do you, too? Buuuuut, come to find out life wasn't working against us, it was working for you and me all along.


The best way I've found to help my life is to get out of the way and trust the process. 'Trusting the process' is how we no longer become the roadblock in our process, progress, and journey.
— Lalah Delia


Our life knows the best way to bring us to a higher vibrational place within and without. This 'best way' is what divine order is all about.  Trusting the process and its divine order is also what spiritual maturity is all about, and how we obtain it. We grow spiritually through honoring the process.


For each of us, there's a specific divine order for our life, journeying into it is how we elevate and vibrate higher daily. Outside of it is where it feels as if we're swimming against the current of our life, or drifting lost at sea with no real sense of direction and purpose. The good news is that we win, find our way, and vibrate higher, by trusting the process, and letting it happen. Divine order and the developmental-cycle is all about our process onward and upward.

I've found that releasing who or what no longer serves our highest good brings about manifestation, as well. Things we've desired to manifest start showing up for us as we release who and what has been blocking the way.

The comfort that comes after releasing and then seeing the benefits of it is priceless. May you continue in the spiritual art of releasing who or what has completed its journey and purpose in your life. Onward and upward to you!!



Being Mindful | How To Win

When you perceive a (necessary) developmental-process in progress, get out of the way and allow it to happen.


Reflection Questions

What process is in progress in your life?

Are you in the way or hindering it in any way?

Where in your life are there delays?

What or who are you trying to bring along with you that you need to release instead?

What are you looking forward to manifesting through the spiritual art of releasing, getting out of the way, and letting go?


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