Bio: About Lalah Delia

“She remembered

who she was and

the game changed.”

– Lalah Delia

What I Do


I help people vibrate higher daily, so they can live a higher vibrational life on all levels


Writing Style


Organic form, spiritual, intuitive, minimal, and lyrical




Author, Spiritual Writer, Spiritual Creative, Wellness Educator, Certified Spiritual Practitioner


Field of Focus


Mind, body, spirit, and life; wellness, wholeness, empowerment, and transformation, through Vibrational-based living, vibrating higher daily


Real Life Experience


A lot of ups and downs and all arounds, but through perseverance and commitment, I was able to rise above, find my way, and self-actualize. Now I help others to do the same




Pushing vibrational–based living forward in order to inspire others to vibrate higher in the various (interconnected) areas and aspects of their life. The mission's focus is to also encourage a higher vibrational world



Lalah Delia, is an author, spiritual writer, wellness educator, and the founder of She is engaged daily in pushing wholeness, harmony, transformation, self-empowerment, and healthy lifestyle, forward, through the message and practice of vibrating higher daily. 

Lalah’s core message is that vibration plays a contributing, and very interconnected, role throughout our everyday lives, our experiences, manifestations, doings, being, and becomings. And, that our vibration governs how we show up in the world and how we perceive it.

Lalah’s work is a response to her journey and to the current world we live in, maneuver, share, and journey in and through daily. 

Lalah can be found featured in Glamour Magazine, Thoughtfully Magazine, and by ESSENCE, Girlboss, MindBodyGreen, LA YOGA, Prestige Magazine, Black Girl In OM, Hollywood Reporter, i-D Magazine, and more. Lalah was selected by Target as a wellness expert in their Advice series called Wednesday Wisdom via @TargetTag. Alongside that, Lalah is an ambassador for Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign.

She has held talks, given workshops, and participated in panel discussions at Girlboss Rally, SXSW, In Goop Health, Create Cultivate’s Self-Care Summit, WITMA, among more. Lalah can also be found featured as a guest on a number of podcasts. 

Her book Vibrate Higher Daily, Live Your Power, with HarperOne publishers, will soon be available everywhere books are sold, this fall.

Lalah is represented by: Present Perfect Dept. literary agency

◠ ◌ ❍


At many times I

thought my life

was too far

gone―to mend.

Now I now realize and honor it all as being part of a higher plan, process, and path of getting me–here. I'm so glad I kept fighting for this.

I've been through many highs and lows and you have too. Alchemizing painfully-learning lows into beautiful highs, is what this journey is all about. Being a firsthand witness to what the power of vibrating higher daily has done in my life and other's, is why I commit to this journey ― with such passion. I do this work because it's liberating, healing, and necessary.


Vibrating higher daily is how we win.

Vibrating higher daily is how we win.




Rebirth, Purpose,



My awakening, de-programming, liberation, and healing, happened through the process and practice of vibrating higher daily. It saved my life and was the catalyst for birthing a complete transformation of myself as a woman in the world–and the work I do. After losing my way in the world and experiencing my own, what Joseph Campbell calls, "dark night of the soul", I was found, liberated, and redirected this way. Rising more into my higher-self, I knew that there was no other field to dedicate my gifts and energy to than this one. After all the years spent not knowing how my life connected, made any bit of sense, and how it would ever be of greater good and higher purpose, it all suddenly clicked for me. My love of spirituality, wellness, the healing arts, music, and creativity, would become united in one cause, focus, and mission.

She remembered who she was and the game changed.

She remembered who she was and the game changed.

"You're one of us."

– Repeatedly told to me by one of my mentors


I've since gone on to complete studies and have received multiple certifications in the world of wellness and spirituality. Over the years, I’ve trained with and have been mentored by renowned master teachers in the fields of holistic living, holistic nutrition, sacred space, sacred creativity, and metaphysics. I've likewise trained and worked with phenomenal creative minds and pioneers in Hollywood, CA. I've also been just as influenced by wise men and women in my community and experiences who have no titles in the wellness industry, but rather work and operate through passed down ancestral wisdom, knowledge, and direction, and are known as 'street prophets'. I'm connected to and honor both realms for what they uniquely bring to the experience, process, and collective community they're in.

Coming from a place of devotion to spiritual, creative, and vibrational-based living, my approach is instinctive, holistic, and often minimal. I merge aspects of sacred, ancient, and contemporary wisdoms and modalities. My work is stamped with a emphasis on vibrational-based living and charged with an unwavering passion and commitment—for doing the work involved in vibrating higher daily as a means to transform, heal, elevate, expand one's inner and outer life in a forward, progressive, and higher vibrational way. And to transform, heal, elevate, expand—as a community, people, culture, and collective.

 Expressing myself and how I eat, how I live, and the work I do in the world, is my spirituality and message. It's all connected now. I came full circle, but with a message and purpose which I hadn't had before.



Enter Vibrate Higher Daily


This website and my work are a response to my journey, to your journey, and to the state of the world. Concerned about the collective vibration of the world, this space and my work are a way of putting myself in service, and to engage and respond. It's a way to share what I've learned, am learning, and will learn. For me, it's a way to continue in the spirit and way of our ancestors.

As we vibrate higher, we transcend the low vibrational trappings of a beautiful world that's broken yet longing to heal itself in many places.


My Focus


Relying on a matrix of over nine years of collective-personal experience, trained technique, and continual education and learning in the holistic wellness, creative, and spiritual arts, my focus is in on the whole experience of the person, not just on wellness, just spirituality or just creativity, but on all of it—collectively. It's all interconnected and relevant to our overall process, experience, unfolding, and day–to–day vibration.

Which brings me to here and now.


Early Life |1989 Los Angeles | Back in the day when old school hip hip was new music.

Early Life |1989 Los Angeles | Back in the day when old school hip hip was new music.


I've found throughout my years that the learning and growing never end. And to honor the process of that.

Teen Life 1991 | 17 with a soul full of dreams.

Teen Life 1991 | 17 with a soul full of dreams.


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A safe space and community dedicated to edifying supporting, encouraging, and building you up. Social media has an affect on our psyche and vibration. Through mindfulness, positivity, and intention, my commitment is to support you in vibrating higher while on social media and off of it.


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