Subject 3: Energy Cleanse Class


In order to vibrate

higher, we have

to take authority

over our spirit,

energy-field, and


A vital part of this process is energy cleansing.



As we willingly or unwillingly, or knowing or unknowingly make contact with various energies, vibrational influences, and entities; our energy-field picks up on it, like a magnet.

Energy cleansing is a powerful way of demagnetizing the disagreeable energies and entities that are attaching themselves to you, influencing you, affecting you, and causing the quality of your vibration and well-being to lower.

Releasing any negative energies not serving you, is how you vibrate higher vibrationally, energetically, and spiritually, again. It's how you take your power back.

If you find yourself experiencing a random or a prolonged period being drained, not feeling like yourself, extreme fatigue, moody, unable to create (or start), unable to focus or find clarity, attached to repetitive negative energies and cycles, stuck in low emotional energy, and feeling oppressed spiritually, mentally, or vibrationally, it's time to energy cleanse; and take your power back.

Learn sacred cleansing practices for releasing, washing away, and neutralizing energies you absorb, sense, feel, and carry.

To Prepare: set your positive intentions for the class, be prepared to take notes if you're a note taker, bring an open heart + mind, and a cup of tea.





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Mentioned in Class

Take authority over your energy and vibration.

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