Subject 4: Relationship Cleanse Class


Relationship Cleanse

Learn the art of relationship cleansing.

Learn the art of relationship cleansing. This includes releasing the energies, vibrations, emotions, mindsets, negative spirit-bonds, soul ties, and relationship-residue attaching to you via ex's, ex-friends, and any other form of relationships that are no longer serving you. This makes space for who and what does serve you, to manifest.

This class is about freeing, cleansing, and empowering yourself. And learning how to make space; for the right people to show up and enter your reality.


In order to vibrate

higher, we have to

take authority over

our spirit, thoughts,

emotions, energy-

field, and vibration.

A vital part of this process is

relationship cleansing.


Relationship cleansing is how you take your power back. Learn how in class.