Subject 11: Self-Empowerment


Subject 11: Self-Empowerment

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Empowerment allows you to go higher and beyond where you are now!

Are you living an empowered life?

Dis-empowerment can cause negative thoughts, fears, doubts, pain, insecurities, circumstances, lower vibrations, and unhealthy subconscious-beliefs, to consume our lives, to keep us from living a fulfilling life, to keep us from reaching out higher potential, and from thriving in life; if we allow them to.

In class 11, we'll cover 7 essentials ways to put Self-Empowerment into practice and full-effect.

Let's thrive in, and through life!





Class 11


In this video we explore 7 essential ways to take your power back, in order to reach self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is everything! It has, and continues to be, the foundation of my personal transformation, healing, and thriving, throughout my journey. I pray it will continue to be for you too! You have so much greatness and potential yet inside of you; empowering yourself is what will bring it all out and into the world.

Much love and self-empowerment to you!



7 Essential Ways

To Take Your Power Back:


1.   Self-love: When you love yourself, what you allow looks different.

2.   Self-appreciation: Pause often to appreciate how far you’ve come, all you’ve overcome, and have manifested, up to this point.

3.   Let go of what doesn’t serve you:  No more holding onto what’s taking your power away. Release who/what's draining your energy and life force.

4.   Nurture yourself: Through regular self-care, spirit-care, vibration-care, (i.e.  prayer, affirmations, gratitude, baths, meditation, healthy eating, good vibes and so on), we empower ourselves.

5.   Cultivation: Sharpen your skills, keep growing in areas you need to, feed your mind and spirit, get inspired.

6.   Self-Discipline: Consistency in doing the work, strength building, heightens integrity, builds greater character, attracts greater success. Set those boundaries! (for the win) ;) 

7.  Charge/feed your mind and spirit: You are an energy being who you needs to recharge and nourish well. Be good to your mind, body, and spirit, in this way.



What It Takes:


  • Commitment

  • Dedication

  • Resilience

  • Follow-through

  • Deciding to become the hero of your life



the Benefits:


  • You take control and charge of your life and circumstances

  • Experience greater awareness; within and without

  • Operate at a higher level and potential mind, body, heart, creativity, and spirit

  • Attract and manifest better opportunities, better health/well-being, and people

  • Things/people that once triggered you, neutral themselves

  • Overall, you bring more light, greatness, and higher vibrations to the world



Class Quotables:


Self-empowerment can shift us out of a reality and situation that we don't love, and into one that we do.

Self-empowerment means the difference between us expanding or contracting within, in life, and in the world.

Self-empowerment is a communication to yourself and to others. It a vibrational language.

Self-empowerment changes the course and trajectory of your life.





  1. What areas of your life and well-being could use more self-empowerment; in order to grow, reach higher vibrations and potential, and allow you to thrive?

  2. Where do you need to take your power back?

  3. Where will you commit to start?

  4. I believe your progress and success!




Thanks for watching Class!

Sending You love and warm thoughts.