Subject 13: Slow Living


Subject 13: Slow Living

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Often our society and culture can be a trigger. We are tempted to always be on, to always be going, to always be doing, and to always be reacting. Living at such a pace is un-aligned with our true nature, and it causes imbalances and a lack of true fulfillment.

Settling for a life doesn't serve us on a deep and nourishing level shall not be tolerated, from here on out. Fist pump + deep exhale!

From nurturing yourself and your life deeper, to living towards balance, wholeness, and healing, to knowing how to live a more engaged, present, intentional, full, and organic life, slow living is about all of this. And this will be our focus in class 13.



Slow Living

Slow Living

In this class we journey into the path of Slow Living. Not only is this another way of being in the world, it’s also a therapeutic and cathartic way of living. You don’t have to live a rushed and fast pace life, if that’s not what serves you on a soul level. Slow living offers us a again, another way of being in the world. Yes! How divine!



SLow Living


  1. The world as we know it, is moving at its fastest pace yet. As we are expected through society pressure to keep up with it, our mind, body, and soul is standing in protest. 

    We have to keep in mind that it may not be our own best pace and rhythm. And that there’s a growing need to slow down and balance our lives and to tend to our nervous system and soul with greater depth, wisdom, and presence.

  2. Going back to a simpler and more organic way life: mind, body, soul, lifestyle, and nutritional. 

  3. Our lives don’t have to be an industrial machine that’s constantly pumping out the next best thing, to keep up with the trends and the current times. How exhausting is this, when we live into this way of life.

    And how unhealthy is it on our nervous system and body, mind, soul, let alone the impact on our personal relationships, and our spirit-life.

    4. Slowing living is about putting more energy into the things that you have right now around you. Strengthening these aspects of your life with deeper presence.  

    Slow Living Is About:

    • Living with greater awareness and intention.

    • Taking time to nourish, tend to, and listen to your inner-world. 

    • Being more present and becoming a beacon, because of that.

    • Preserving longstanding family and cultural values regarding the quality of family life, eating, leisure time, spirit-life, and lifestyle.

    • Knowing what to live present with extra time with you have and not always seeking to fill with busyness. 

    • Taking moments to pause, check in with, and reflect on our day, your thoughts, your well being–heart, soul, body, and mind.

    • Living with a poise and grace that a rushed life, often lacks-due to holding a high stress vibration. 



The Problem With Fast Living


  1. Back to back busyness that leads to self-neglect, stress, anxiety, an unbalanced life, and even sickness.

  2. The disruption of our nervous systems, balance, our natural rhythms. 

  3. There’s the guilt thing. You feel guilty for taking the time you need.  You take on other people’s projections. 

  4. Shame culture around a slower life – not allowing others to shame us for slowing down our lives as needed and living at a different pace. Success may looks and manifest different for you.

  5. Living out of focus – We often focus so much of our attention out into the world and what others are doing, that our own greatness and treasure becomes out of focus.  

  6. Negative Pressure and Impact – This outer focus can influence the pace of our own lives, and as a result we adopt and adapt to begin busier, doing more, going more, creating more, more, more, and faster.

  7. This fast pace can happen to an extent that we begin to compare and undervalue our lives, which often lead to low self-worth and self-esteem issues.

  8. This could also be seen reflected in living a life where you’re focusing so much on what you don’t have –that you neglect what you do have. 

  9. There’s Hero complex. While this is admirable and we honor it, and we’re all here to be this in many forms, somedays you have to be your own hero and just slow down.

  10. The simple act of preparing and drinking a cup of herbal tea is a soothing ritual in itself. This is particularly helpful when using herbs for stress relief and insomnia.

The Benefits of Slow Living

  • It allows us to be fully present, while creating more awareness, and deeper meaning and connections in life

  • You’re tuned into a deeper way to life and spirit-space

  • You live from a deeper place of poise, balance, and grace 

  • This way of living transports you to a parallel universe. While this world is off doing its busyness in all the ways it does, you’re off enjoying your life and really being present with it

  • When slow eating: You have better digestion, better well being, better brain function. Better tasting foods

  • Due to living a less distracted life, slowing down allows you the space for higher insights to come through and for deeper and fuller spiritual connections and experiences. Hence why mediation is so powerful

  • Slow living is much like living your life in meditation. Everything becomes a meditation. You’re more focused and present in all you do and create

    How To Begin Slow Living

  1. Engaging in activities that are emotionally and physically grounding and fulfilling to you.

This could be:

  • Disconnecting from the digital world

  • Working on a project you really love

  • Reading a book

  • Napping

  • Spending time in nature

  • Gardening

  • Playing with your child

  • Slow cooking and slow eating

  • Taking a bath

  • Sitting around as a family or as friends and engage is fellowship, community, and having real conversations. Listen deeper. Be more present

  • Pacing your process in each season. Not rushing it

2. Implementing more self-care.

3. Meaning mindful of your Breath: Breath is life. Slow breaths for more poise, strength, and grace.

4. Nervous System: Ease into Your Day (w/o activating the sympathetic nervous system and stress response).

5. Areas to engage with more awareness, presence, and intention: spirit, mind, body, health, home, eating, relationships, work, community, and so on.

6. Society: Have patience in lines and public places, drive slower, have conversations  with strangers, offer to serve others.

7. Set daily intentions.

8. Slow food movement:  Knowing where your food comes from. Eating local, shop at farmers markets when you can, organic, in season, and in peace. You don’t want harmful chemicals and stimulants in your foods that disrupt you natural flow, rhythms, health, and well being. Reading food labels.

Alice Waters ’ philosophy on slow food and eating posted at the Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley. | Credit: Jason Henry

Alice Waters’ philosophy on slow food and eating posted at the Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley. | Credit: Jason Henry


9. Preparing healing foods and cooking with love, gratitude, positive intention, and greater focus. Not cooking or eating distracted. 

10. Eating with thanks for the food you have and for where it came from.

11. Eat slower and connecting to the spirit, energy, and essence of the food.

12. Eating and living with greater joy, connection, and community. 





  1. Are you present in the day to day actions and interactions of your life?

  2. Where can you engage with more presence, intention, awareness, and energy in your life?

  3. What therapeutically slows you down and makes you feel like you again?

  4. Are you enjoying all that you have now? 


  1. Much of what you have now is once what you at one point desired to the point of praying for it and doing the work of manifesting it. 

  2. Sometimes, gratitude also looks like being more present with what we already have. This in contrast to overworking, is a great way to manifest also.


I am not a machine. 

I am a human being and I now give myself permission to 

live, love, do, go, and create, to a pace that is best for 

my soul’s wholeness and well-being.




Awe, deep focused and intentional breaths for the win! Breathwork is the truth. Two of my sister friends teach breathwork and are spiritually gangsters at it.You can find them online and at their events. If you attend tell them I sent you! ;) 


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