Subject 15: Journey Fatigue


Subject 15: Journey Fatigue

With all we do, give, take on, and experience on our journey, fatigue can, and often will set in from time to time. In extreme cases, it can settle in for way longer than expected and we can become stuck with it. Until that is, we vibrate it out of our lives.

I've learned that journey fatigue is also a way of our process slowing us down to pay attention and go deeper into ourselves. This can look like, and be the purpose of, a number of things.

We'll be exploring through this topic in class 15, and I'll be sharing 'all the tea' my favorite go-to remedies and routines for combating and honoring journey fatigue.

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Journey Fatigue

Sharing My Favorite Remedies and Routines For Burnout and Journey Fatigue

Journey Fatigue

In this video I share some of the ways I’ve found most effective for combatting fatigue and burnout. Having an action plan is essential in making it through the moments when we find ourselves surviving on on low on energy, or all the way empty and burnt out.

Soul-tions change the game!

*New video coming with some of my favorite go-to products for restoring and fatigue, coming next week to the lounge!

Subject Notes


Journey Fatigue

Mental or physical exertion, physical illness, or emotional pain and the burdens of life can bring it on. First thing is to realize is that it’s ok. You are an electrical, spiritual, and vibrational being, meaning that you recharge and nourished through outer greater sources and forces pouring into you. Times to connect and recharge!

Know that you are not alone during fatigue and weariness. The Divine is there to support you and always loves you.

What it feels like:

Mind, body, spirit drained and poured out. You feel you out of fuel to move forward. You may even experience a sense of being fragile.

The good news is that restoring refills you and brings new strength.

The Symptoms:

Exhaustion: mind, body, spirit, creative-wise. Lack of joy or passion for life. Unable to make sharp decisions, brain fog, scattered thinking, moodiness, snappiness, not as proficient in your work, unfulfilled and unable to do quality work or offer your best, stuck, not feeling like yourself.

How To Journey Well

There is a way to journey well and through.

Vibrational awareness is key. Begin realize what’s happening. Next begin combating burnout and fatigue so that you aren’t  overtaken by it for too long. And, so you can rebound in time.

Pause, rest, relax, chill: Seeking a remedy through disconnecting, slowing down, pausing to rest and fully breath, restoring, cleansing, and doing things that get the vital energies and vibrations flowing.

There’s been times I’ve had to slow down and enter into absolute rest, in order to reset, replenish, restore, and recharge. I recall a time when I put myself on bed rest for 3 days. The fatigue was that serious. I left my phone on one side of my home and while I rested on the other. This is such a powerful times of restoring. So, I recommend it to you if ever you are exhausted to the point of serious fatigue and burn out. And leaving my phone/devices in another area is most helpful. I do this often. Out of sight, out of mind!

Rest and restore yourself well.

Acceptance and surrender. Letting go of over-controlling the situation. Leaving room to flow. Enter the flow state. This is where miracles, healing, and inspiration happen.

Connect to a higher realm and power to renew your strength, such as the Divine, your guardian angels, and spirit guides. 

Get out of your head. Shifting your focus somewhere else for a while to re-tune and reharmonizes yourself and to get re-inspired.

Strip away what is not serving you: Travel light! Don’t carry around extra weight on the journey. Carrying around ‘access baggage’ weighs you down and slows you down. You’ll recover and move more efficient by letting go of what no longer serves you.

Reflection + Introspection

What type of energy are you operating in? What vibration do you desire to give, operate in, show up in, create and journey with?  

What type of energy are restoring in? You can’t restore, heal, or thrive in the same environment that’s been draining you.

Extra Notes:

  • Nutrition-Care: Eat like you want to survive. You can’t process and thrive fully eating foods full or neurotoxins, stimulants, and hormone disrupters. These wreck havoc on the mind and on the hormonal, immune, and nervous systems. Be mindful of unhealthy craving. Be mindful any rising food sensitivities or allergies. Your body may be calling for you to avoid certain foods (even some that you usually eat). And it may be asking for you to implement certain foods/herbs into your nutrition, or more of a certain food/herb you already eat/work with

  • Nervous-System Care: Rest up sweet angel! And be sure pamper your nervous system! Take baths to discharge built up stress and mental heaviness. Have massage therapy or reflexology for the same purpose! Take your favorite adaptogens and caffeine-free herbal teas to fortify and thrive. Be mindful of those disrupting chemicals. Go natural. Go green :)

  • Vibrational Awareness: Be mindful and selective with who you share your process with. This avoids negative energy from people who are not supportive of your process, or happy for you. And it energetically protects the process. Avoid people with limited beliefs/thinking that usually seek to project and transfer their limits onto you

  • Spiritual-Care: Stay anchor, rooted, and fortified spiritually. Seek higher guidance. Make time to listen to, talk, and walk with the Divine–daily

  • Vibrational-Care: Do more of what centers you, balances you, and supports you in vibrating higher

  • Mind-Care: Expand. Open up to the process don’t contract and close off to in. Strengthen your mind through intentional methods. Be gentle with yourself. “You’re doing awesome sweetie!” ;)

  • Battery source: Spend time in nature. Vitamin D via direct sunlight is known as one of the best healers–mind, body, soul. Have more sunlight therapy/sun exposure. Look it up! Try infrared therapy/infrared saunas when being out in direct sunlight is not as accessible 

  • Remember The Butterfly: Don’t give up, because it’s hard. Keep the process’s goal in mind. You’re becoming new in various ways. Survive the process. Let go of what was and become who you are meant to be. Spread your wings and fly, butterfly!


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My strength is being renewed. I am vibrating higher through it all.

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