Subject 16: Q&A Vol. 2


Subject 16: Q&A Vol. 2

This week's video class is the second in our Q&A series. So many great and essential questions come through on the regular and this Q&A will cover some of them, including:

"If we seek to vibrate higher daily should we put energy and focus towards all of the toxic-ness going on in the world right now?"


“How do I stop being so easily triggered?"

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Subject 16: Q&A Vol.2

Q&A Vol.1

This video is all about answering some of your Q&A’s that were sent in. Thanks for the q’s! I chose questions that were great for the collective.

Q&A Vol. 3 will be coming soon. So, leave any questions you’d like to see answered in the comment section below, or feel free to email them in. Whatever your heart desires.

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Mentioned in The Video

The Four Agreement, by Don Miguel Ruiz

Conscious Parenting, by Dr. Shafali Tsabary

Girlboss Podcast: In Progress Series, episodes ‘What’s My Purpose’ and ‘Taking The Plunge’ : on iTunes | Spotify

Girlboss Article “The Formula For Finding Your Sense Of Purpose, According To This Buzzy Wellness Founder



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