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Subject 27: 3 Things I'm Learning This Season

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“This season is a sacred part of the process.”


3 Things I’m Learning

This Season

Subject 27: 3 Things I’m Learning This Season

Journey with me! Come along, as I spend nourishing time in nature’s sanctuary and reflect on 3 Things I’m Learning in This Season. I’ve been paying deep attention to my life and honoring the process. It’s a beautiful thing when we reach a place of sacred flow. Where we aren’t forcing our life, but instead flowing and being in sacred tune: with it, with sacred divine timing, and with the bigger divine process happening for us–and through us.

In this video vlog, I share what I’m learning and leaning all the more into this season.

Also, drop a comment below to let us know if you like this new style of vlogging. Your feedback helps us create more of what you’re loving. And it helps us mix things up around here too! Yay!

Love you, so much! Enjoy!

Butterfly vibrations. The butterflies love me! And they love you!

Butterfly vibrations. The butterflies love me! And they love you!

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What are 3 Things you’re learning This season?

What Are you Learning:

  1. Mind-wise

  2. Body-wise

  3. Spirit-wise

  4. Soul-wise

  5. Social-wise

  6. Vibration-wise

You are being divinely guiding on your journey. Your Higher Power knows the best way. Honoring the process and guidance is how you take your power back, and/or stay in your place of power.


Waht is the SACRED WORK To Do?

Stay Ready. Fortify. Do more of what sharpens you, nourishes you, and gives you power: mind, body, spirit, soul, vibrational. This helps you to show up ready and in your power, and to remain composed, graceful, and poised.  

What can you do more of in this season? What can you do less of?

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  1. Are you listening to your body and to your life?

  2. Go within. Listen. What is it communicating to you?

  3. Observe your life and take note. Do more of what makes it and you vibrate higher daily.

  4. Are there things, or people, that are no longer serving you in this season?

  5. What is your soul’s medicine this season? What’s nourishing you? What’s currently feeding your soul?

  6. Are you honoring this season and it’s process?

  7. How can you honor it more?

Be mindful and open to what your soul’s medicine is and isn’t this season.

–Lalah Delia

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