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New class every two weeks. 


Class No. 5


How To Wait on God & Divine Timing

$15 | May 26

Attend live, or watch the recording.

We'll learn about divine timing, how to have patience on the journey, how-to discern when to be still, move on, release, and take action, how-to develop and grow where you've been planted, and how-to win and elevate, by optimizing this season you're in.


Class No. 4


Relationship Cleanse





Learn the art of relationship cleansing.

Learn the art of relationship cleansing. This includes releasing the energies, vibrations, emotions, mindsets, negative spirit-bonds, soul ties, and relationship-residue attaching to you via ex's, ex-friends, and any other form of relationships that are no longer serving you. This makes space for who and what does serve you, to manifest.

This class is about freeing, cleansing, and empowering yourself. And learning how to make space; for the right people to show up and enter your reality.


Class No. 03


Energy Cleanse






Learn sacred cleansing practices
for releasing, washing away, and
neutralizing energies you absorb,
sense, feel, and carry.


Class No. 2








Learn new strategies to enhance your well-being, life and personal power through the art of Self-Care. 

People who give, give, give, and do, do, do, this class is for you.

If one of your current goals is to take your power back, this class is for you. If your'e a parent, this class is for you. If you're a creative, teacher, or person of influence, on any level, this class is for you. 

Class No. 1


Vibrational-Based Living



Learn the knowledge, tools, and skills of Vibrational-Based Living in order to vibrate higher daily. There's higher path for you, and you can access it. Are you ready to access, explore, expand, and elevate?  

If you don't know where to begin transforming your life and vibrating higher, this class is for.

And if you already know, but need a spiritual refresher and refuel, this class is for you.


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