{ Energy Cleanse } Take Your Power Back


We all know those energy draining days and would probably ALL prefer to SKIP them. But hey… life happens, so we’ve got be ready to respond back….BUT in an empowering way (though).
Energy cleansing- mind and body is epically essential to staying balanced, in tune and in harmony with our higher selves; it’s how we take out power back.
Drinking green juice and journaling daily  is a perfect way to {respond, release, realign, rejuvenate and recover}, all some of the big R’s in energy recovery and healing. Shout out to all my fellow {Empaths}.

 PLEASE take the time to cleanse yourself of the energy you are picking up from those around and from just being out in the world, each day. Most of the energetic heaviness and drained energy- mind and body that we feel is not our own stuff…it’s —> OTHER people’s ‘stuff’. ( Uggggh…..right?! I know. ) 

You are an energy sponge and it’s trying to attach to you (because you are pretty epically amazing…but hmmmm NO….don’t let it).
Create a routine and also the time daily to discharge this intruding energy; so that you can keep vibrating higher and feeling in tune with your higher and optimal energetic self, mind, body and spirit.

A few other ways that help me and countless others to rejuvenate, clear and cleanse of disagreeable and toxic energy and emotions whether coming from within or without are: sea salt baths, yoga, dancing, prayer, meditation, some sort of physical fitness, spending time in nature, massage, positive music, visiting the beach, crystals, rest and sage smudging just to name a few of many. The main thing with disagreeable and toxic energy is to catch it fast….and to give it no life or power to take any comfort, manifestation or shape within you or around your atmosphere.
I will be posting/blogging on Empaths and ways of protecting your energy in more detail and depth coming soon.

Keep your energy protected, cleansed and vibrating high daily, because the world needs you on point and seated on your divine throne of joy, love and purpose. 

Love & protection - Lalah Delia