How To Avoid ‘Feeding/Fueling’ Toxic People

Some people have taken on a ‘diabolical’ assignment to be a toxic/negative person, (a.k.a an ‘enemy’ or a ‘hater’) in your life, regardless to how awesome, harmonious, kind, giving, changed and divine you are. Be mindful of who you are sharing your energy, vision, good news, progress and goals with. These highly ‘toxic’ people feed and fuel off of bothering, pestering, annoying, dishonoring and lying to, on and about you. The best way to deal with these folks is simply not to.
Do not give toxic people any life…a.k.a energy.
They are seeking to infect you and drain you of your energy, time, focus, joy, peace, potential and life force, do not allow them to; leave them starving and to their own demonic ways; which will undoubtedly catch up to them in just a matter of time, because the Law of Attraction is very real.
Keep vibrating higher daily, no matter what.

-Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Daily