Peace Queen: Lalah Delia :)

This Queen was brought to my attention randomly on instagram (@LalahLoveBliss) and I followed her because she was beautiful and her energy was healing. All of her posts are so positive and uplifting but not in a holier than thou type of way. I could just feel that she is someone who is continuously growing into the woman that she is meant to be and sharing as she goes along.

Lalah confirmed my belief when she posted a picture with this caption:

“Like really.
I wasn’t always living my life on this journey, path and vibration. I was a lot. I’ve been a hand full at times. I used to rebel against my own path and calling. I was addicted to unhealthy greasy fried chicken…(2 piece and a pepper- in the hood style). I haven’t always honored my own highest good. I used to stay in abusive and crappy relationships, because I thought that it was love. I was VERY co-dependent. I put myself and my own true happiness last, so many times. I used to have a problem with saying no to people. I used to live a life so energetically chaotic and against my own good that it drove me to a damn nervous breakdown and also soon after in the hospital emergency room to finding out I had a severe colon disease that required an emergency surgery. I was told it was a life or death situation. I chose to go against the my doctors and not have the surgery. I knew at that moment, instantly that there was another way for me. I knew that I had to go the path of holistic and alternative medicine. The doctors honored my wishes and for seven days I stayed in the hospital doing an antibiotic treatment that was an experiment at the time. The doctors didn’t know if it would work and that it would only buy me time if it did, that I would still need the surgery eventually in about 2 to 4yrs. I knew alternative and holistic medicine was going to heal me and not just buy me time. I also intuitively knew I had to let go of all that was no longer serving my higher good if I was to heal. So I did. Cold turkey. I soon started to attract natural remedies, my teachers and healers and an entirely new vibration of experiences, self love, health, peace and personal relationships into my life and reality. 💫 It was a rebirth; right out of chaos. That’s how stars are born, out of chaos. Chaos births stars….light! So….I give thanks for it ALL! My journey was EXACTLY what it had to be, so I could be who I am now, 12 yrs later healed, happy, healthy and in my right mind!”

Sharing a glimpse into her journey and letting us all know that change is possible and a conscious decision. That we can do whatever we set our minds on and believe in. Faith is powerful and healing is necessary. Lalah Delia is a true Peace Queen and I thank her for being transparent. For sharing her energy/personal testimony and positive vibes.

Your love is appreciated, your story is uplifting and I send you love and light. You are necessary to this world. Continue to shine with your crown firmly atop your head. Peace to you Queen xx

Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily.Tumblr.com | @LalahLoveBliss on IG