Social Media Insecurities Are On The Rise

Please remember who you are and that your true self worth is not in ‘how many’ social media likes, comments, friends and followers you have, lose or don’t have.
Keep shining your light and being true to you; with zero cares (nicer word than I wanted to use) given as to how many likes and followers you are attracting.
The more you let go of all that and just be YOU in all your realness and glory, the higher you’ll vibrate and the right people will be lead to you and will resonate with you and your message and/or brand.
Social media has began to cause many people to feel a sense of insecurity over all of this and I just want to remind you to take it easy and know that regardless of whether you have10k followers, 200 likes a post or 20….YOU ARE JUST AS DIVINE.
If you have a message or gift to share with world, SHARE IT….don’t let numbers distract you…..please, please, please. Share it anyway.
Your consistency, dedication, care-free approach and light hearted mind-set will attract your tribe (a.k.a. the right people) to you and weed out all the others.
I’d rather have 100 authentic friends/followers on social media, who truly resonate with my page and allow me to be 'ME’, than 100,000 followers who don’t. May we all keep things in perspective here and honor our worth, honor our voice, honor our light and appreciate the people who do show love and resonate with us. Wishing you much peace and authenticity daily. You are beautiful. Stay in the gratitude and high vibrational zones! Muah!
Sending love to you always. Enjoy your day!  
-Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Dail