You Are Stronger Than 'It’

The divine {power} placed {within you} is far {stronger} and greater than any challenge/obstacle ever set before you.
Some of the keys to living and operating from this {divine} place of power with you are:

  • having a daily prayer/meditation life
  • connecting with this divine power within you daily
  •  becoming one with this power within you daily
  • activating and calling upon this power within you daily
  • doing more of what strengthens and empowers your spirit/energy; daily
  • doing less of what weakens your spirit/energy; daily
  • eating more foods that make you vibrate higher; daily and less that don’t
  • mastering and monitoring your words and thought frequency
  • saying no to people, foods, places, relationships and things that make you  vibrate lower and which seek to rob you of your energy
  • mindfully protecting and empowering your energy; daily

Long story short, it’s simply a daily exercise, discipline and mastery of self; through {mindful} self-empowerment, connection, having a daily prayer/meditation life, continual transformation and growth, mindful protection and the raising of your frequecny and vibration; daily.
You are a power structure; literally….. {Stay Charged and Encouraged!}

-Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Daily