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Fig. 1 | Aligning| Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia

Fig. 1 | Aligning| Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia



You've got this!

That's first and


Let us proceed.

Your gifts and natural talents joined with dedication, skill, the work you put in, and your vibration, are what carry you from one level to the next. In the manifestation process, and life, there are universal rules and laws of adjusting, adapting, and aligning that naturally apply.

Your primary role, wherever you are now, and wherever you find yourself in the future, is to be fully present and mindful and to adjust, adapt and align, so that you experience, and embody your higher potential, right there where you are now.

Are you adapting well to where you are and with what you've manifested? Are you still living in alignment with it, after receiving it? Are you sustaining it at a level you intended and desired to?

When you call a thing in, furthermore after you've received it, there's a process in place and happening. The process is requiring you to adjust your life to [fully] make room for the manifestations. And often to do so, modifications, or as we’ll explore here, adjustments, are in order.

To adjust is to transform yourself into a new way of being. This involves computing and reconfiguring your mind, body, soul, life, and/or immediate space and environment, into a more adequate state and vibration, that promotes sustainability, progress, and success.

Adjusting Yourself

Sometimes it just happens organically, without any external or deliberate intervention. Your life, in this case, adjusts itself into a new version. The process here occurs smoothly. 

Then, there are other times when things can be more slow-moving, confusing, and even turbulent. And in this case, you have to be more deliberate and intentional with your life and the process. For instance: adjusting your nutrition, your habits, your behavior, your personality, your belief system, your daily routines, your environment, your methods, your workout, your relationships, your vibration, even your path, and the route you take. It's all about making the right supportive adjustments. 

Change, edit, and

modify your life

until you find your

rhythm and flow.

Fig. 2 | Aligning Together | Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia

Fig. 2 | Aligning Together | Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia



We enter most things in our lives on an entry-level. This is where most people have the most challenging time adjusting and adapting. But through the forces of perseverance, development, and dedication, we journey beyond entry-level, and into the fullness of what we aspire to.

After a while, mastery takes place so well that you don't even recognize that you've attained it in a particular area until perhaps someone points it out to you. You've embodied it. You are one with it, and 'it's now one with you. This is adjusting, adapting, and aligning.

Over the years, it took me some time to adjust, adapt, and/or align with the process of:

  • Healing

  • Becoming a mother for the first time

  • Eating healthy

  • Breaking out of undesired habits, cycles, and patterns

  • Vibrating higher daily

  • Living in my power

  • Pursuing a higher purpose

  • Putting my work and myself out there

  • Creating a website

  • Running a brand

  • Speaking in public

  • Being an author

  • Writing a [whole] book

  • Moving back home to LA

It was all that I desired to manifest. But when each one showed up, there was a higher level of work to do. These manifestations, each in their own unique way, re-arranged and shifted my life, and challenged the old me, into the new me. 

So what have I learned? I learned to be ready to do the work: to sustain that which I prayed for!! Truly!! And, to respect and honor the process of adapting to it all.

Introspective question: How are you adapting to your new reality, path, season, or manifestations? How are you doing with sustaining things over there? 

Keep taking all the

time you need, to


Fig. 3 | Sustaining | Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia

Fig. 3 | Sustaining | Santa Monica, CA. | taken by Lalah Delia

Failure to Adapt |


In some cases, there are times when no matter of adjusting helps a person mentally or emotionally adapt to their new role or environment. Once in it, they become to realize that it's just not for them, and they are unable to progress and succeed in 'it' or at 'it,' as a result.

In the military, this is known as "Failure to Adapt" to military life and the environment. This leads to an honorable discharge, where the person is free to return to the previous life they've known. This is a grace given to entry-level soldiers in training.

If you think you may be experiencing 'failure to adapt', don't be too hard on yourself. Focus on the solutions. Journey in grace, love yourself through it and live in your power, whatever you do next. The right thing will come. Just keep your heart and mind open to it. Keep exploring. Keep vibrating higher daily. And know that when you learn from your failures, they transform you into a teacher, and your experiences into profound lessons.


When you're clear that you are indeed in the right place, but merely facing challenges adapting or adjusting to it, it's time to: align. Think of two wavelengths aligning themselves to the same frequency, this is harmony, which causes resonance. 

Alignment is a process that puts you on the same frequency as a thing.

As with adjusting, alignment can happen when we don't even realize it's happening. And at other times, it takes more effort on our part to get us there.

"How do I know when I'm out of alignment?", you may ask. 

Not feeling like yourself, is a clear sign you're out of alignment. And so is not feeling connected to, or in harmony with, something or someone you love. That's how you'll know.

Alignment is our natural state. If we find ourselves wandering from the path, we're never too far to come back home to ourselves. Re-aligning and vibrating higher is how you come back home.

How To Align:

Do more of what helps you vibrate higher daily and more of what makes you come home to yourself.

Examples of how I align: Spiritual practice, mindfulness practice, mindful breathing, meditation, fasting, deep full rest, slowing down, slow-living, gratitude practice, self-responsibility, journeying in grace, spending time out in the sun with nature, listening to my Energy Cleanse playlist, along with many more ways.

This Week’s


If or when you find yourself being challenged, overwhelmed, confused, or disconnected, slow down and come back home to yourself by:

  1. Aligning.

  2. Reflecting on your vibration.

  3. Introspecting for awareness.

  4. Making necessary adjustments.

  5. Seeking help.

  6. Leaning on your support community.

  7. If you don’t have a support community, call it in.

Thank you for reading and for being here in community!

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