Class 9


Class No. 9 Your Questions/MyAnswers | Vol. 1


By popular demand we're doing a Q&A!

Whoop! Whoop!

You asked,

and it's my honor to oblige. I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

This will be a free-structured video class on.




Class 9


In this video India Isabella joins in for a little Q&A time! We cover some good ground and share our thoughts and personal experiences with the questions.

Thank you for submitting your questions. This will be an ongoing series. I look forward to answering more of your questions in Q&A vol. 2.






As mentioned in the video, I recently had an interview where I shared some of my thoughts on music, amongst other high vibrational things.

The interview was with one of our VHD community's own, Nandi Dlepu of Bloom. You can read the thread over on Bloom's IG.

Note, when naming some of my favorite artists in the video I said "Lionel" lol, but I meant 'Lonnie'. Lonnie Liston Smith, for the win! 

I'll be sharing more music with you all soon. New playlists are being curated and in the works!


Here's an interview excerpt:


"I also listen to a lot of soul music from the 70's. That era was LIT and WOKE! Artist's were dropping spirituals, haha. Artists like Brain Power, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Bill Withers, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Gil Scott-Heron,  Lonnie Liston Smith, Roy Ayers, B.T. Express, among more, they're music is my muse. And so is the music of John and Alice Coltrane and 70's jazz too, oh and of course the sounds of nature and other high vibrations. Listening to binaural beats (which is high vibrational music) helps the brain and body to vibrate higher.  I listen to binaural beats, throughout the day. I have a playlist on Spotify titled "Energy Cleanse," it's full of binaural beats, high vibrations, and therapeutic music. It will get your mind, life, and creative juices all the way together."





This could be an entire hour long class on it's own, (light bulb moment, class on all the different higher frequencies anyone?). But in a nut shell, I'll share about this topic a little more.

Music was meant to be played at the vibration of 432 Hz, which is in perfect harmony and balance with the Universe. The ancestors, healers, and greats of old knew this. Music was traditionally all about healing and spiritually connecting to The Divine.

Before the music industry decided it was going to join in and play mind control games on the masses, music was played and tuned to 432 Hz. Music is now tuned and played at 440 Hz, which is out of alignment with our mind, body, vibration, and soul. This causes disharmony and low vibrations, mind/body/soul, among other things.

I love and connect with certain old school music for this reason. I feel and appreciate the vibes. There are artists who have continued to tune their music to 432 Hz, but most don't. They go according to what the music matrix/machine wants. Ugh. Stay woke ya'll! 

There are apps that will tune your music to 432 Hz for you. Search the App store, Youtube, and Google to explore more into it. 

Binaural beats, which I talk about often, are all played and tuned at the various higher vibrational frequencies, including 432 Hz. My Energy Cleanse playlist on Spotify and on this site is full of this music. Listen and vibrate higher daily!





You can nearly become anyone's mentee! Read the books, watch the interviews, watch the documentaries, take the classes, join their community, go to the events. We are so very blessed to live in a time and age that allows us to span and explore time and space to bridge the gaps that once existed and kept us disconnected from such souls. From ancestors to sages, thought leaders, revolutionaries, and teachers, of all time periods. Press in. Journey in. Open and expand your mind, life, potential, and reality.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. How divine!





I'd like to add to sacred bath time that baths help to unblock and unlock higher creativity and insight. A go-to of mine whenever I'm feeling a creative block is taking a sacred bath. Mmmm! So therapeutic for the mind and creative senses.Perfect creative therapy.








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