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Learn new high-vibe strategies for taking your power back: life, mind, body, emotional, spirit, and soul.




I share personal and practical tools to transform the way you  journey, work, heal, and do life.

Expand into higher levels of vibrations, personal power, purpose, inner-beauty, potential, peace, creativity, magnetism + more.



Join the–
"I know how to take my power back through self-care"–tribe! 



Self-care is necessary for your overall well-being, thriving, and peace of mind. 
Self-care is about taking your power back, surrendering to divine moments, slowing your life down, strengthening your nervous-system, thriving from where you are now, and being intentional about vibrations you allow in your life.
On a social and relational level, self-care is about surrounding yourself with the type of people who help you breathe lighter, deeper, and easier.

People who give, give, give, and do, do, do, this class is for you.

If one of your current goals is to take your power back, this class is for you. If your'e a parent, this class is for you. If you're a creative, teacher, or person of influence, on any level, this class is for you. 

Let's expand and growth forth! 



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