Relax, Breathe, and Grow

Fig 1. Growing within. | by Henri Matisse | 1952

Fig 1. Growing within. | by Henri Matisse | 1952

Relax, Breathe,

and Grow

It’s now a week since Fall Equinox, are you feeling the change of the season? How about within yourself, too?

We are ever being challenged to change and grow. This process is a natural part of living–a healthy and thriving life.

I cherish the path of vibrational-based living because it challenges me not to remain the same. Even when staying the same feels more comfortable and growing feels more uncomfortable, the call and invitation are always there.

Where is it that we outgrow, but stay due to being comfortable?

What new heights are we not attaining, because we can’t deal with the pressure, tension, pain, sacrifice, aloneness, awkwardness, and/or challenges, that arise during the process of change and growth?


As I sat in my vehicle on the side of the road recently, I closed my eyes, and I had a deep exhale. I had pulled over to gather myself. From a place of an observer, I observed myself for the last three months grow more and more frustrated and annoyed with the rude energy of drivers in Los Angeles traffic. I knew I had to do something about it, or I too might very well become a rude driver right back in return. But naw.

So on this day, enough was enough. I guided myself to inner-calm land, through meditation and vowed to now become a mindful driver, and that driving would from here on be a meditation time for me.

I caught that low vibe habit-in-forming and transformed it. 

What angers you,

controls you. Have

peace and you

control it.

– Lalah Delia

What challenged me–changed me and inspired me to grow. 

I’m now happy to announce that I’m a peaceful, friendly, and courteous driver. Instead of being offended or annoyed by rude drivers, I have compassion. Maybe they don’t have the tools to vibrate higher; maybe there’s an emergency they’re dealing with, perhaps they’re having a really bad day, and so on. You never know what people are going through. This isn’t an excuse for the behavior, but rather a perspective shift into a higher-awareness that regardless, my role is to vibrate higher daily because this is the path that I chose to live. And in this world, our path, faith, and practice will be tested. Mindfulness of when it’s happening–is everything.

I recognized the challenge, and rose up to it. It prompted me to shift out of what might have become a comfortable place and habit of being annoyed and stressed, into vibrating higher, in the midst of it all.

This type of challenge is significant and can translate into many areas of life.

Where are you being challenged to grow and vibrate higher?

Maybe for you, it’s also traffic that tests you and allows you to witness the lower-vibrational and unmindful side of humans in passing.

Or maybe it’s something else, like a person at work who’s unmindful and rude. Or a loved one, or family function, that’s triggering. Possibly an environment you frequent, like school, public lines, stores, or the public transit, that induces stress, tension, or anxiety, due to the unmindfulness of the people there.

Thank the Lord; we have options!!

Fig. 2 | All around us. | by Henri Matisse | 1953

Fig. 2 | All around us. | by Henri Matisse | 1953


Turn Inward

Turn inward and vibrate higher. Return home to take care of yourself, as zen master and teacher Thich Nhat Hahn would encourage us to do.

When we focus on our own vibration being stable, instead of other people’s being unstable, we become anchored in a higher power, awareness, and force. Once anchored and rooted within, the array of vibrations out in the society don’t move us from our center, our place of inner-power.  

Here’s to all of the unexpected places that challenge us to grow!! We got this!!  

Oh, and now when in traffic, I’m more aware of other mindful, friendly, and courteous drivers. I love spotting them out. I feel the connection. 

We out here!! 

Unexpected Areas of

Mindful and Practice

If we’re not mindful, we can go through our day on auto-pilot. Or, like a ship tossed by the waves and winds of life from here and there, with no real direction or destination in mind.

Take your power back. Drop in these moments.

Drop into yourself; your practice, your faith, and mindfulness.

Unexpected Areas of Mindful and Practice:

  • Driving

  • Waiting

  • Working

  • Serving

  • Communicating

  • Working

  • Traveling

  • Visiting

Relax, breathe, and grow.

In Closing

Introspective question: How are you dropping into yourself and your practice lately? How or where can you embrace your practice and path more?

For extra or urgent support, adaptogens and flower essences are great for quickly balancing the nervous system and restoring inner-calm. This flower essence especially. Mindful breathing and breathwork are powerful aids as well.

Stay close to your support community be it friends, family, spiritual community, or a trusted practitioner.

Self-care, to discharge, restore and recharge.

Thank you for reading and for being here in community!

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