Receiving Higher Insights

Fig 1. | Go outdoors and Listen | by Lalah Delia

Fig 1. | Go outdoors and Listen | by Lalah Delia


Receiving Higher


Maybe it's something you read, hear in passing, or receive while watching or listening to someone or something. Or perhaps, you receive it while meditating, resting, or out in nature. It can also be an encouraging, soul comforting, and heart-opening word given to you at just the right moment. Receiving answers, guidance, and insights is soul-nourishing and rewarding.

Fig 2. | Ask, Seek & Receive

Fig 2. | Ask, Seek & Receive



What if I'm asking

and seeking, yet no

answers are coming


Fig 3. | Ascend | by Max Ostrozhinskiy

Fig 3. | Ascend | by Max Ostrozhinskiy


Be a clear channel. In this case, there's most likely interference, static, and blockage present in your life, coming from somewhere. 

higher broadcast is always transmitting, it's up to us to become a clear enough channel to receive what's [seeking] to come through to us. This is a whole path and spiritual discipline within itself. Cheers to the path and discipline!!


What answers and

solutions are you

calling in now?

Are you receiving a clear and precise response and message back, or is there static (and crickets) leaving you all the more perplexed, and in a loop of confusion?

Our vibration, be it high or low, is significantly based on our day-to-day lifestyle choices, and it's what determines how we perceive our life, our experiences, and life in general. It also determines what we receive and how well we call in the answers to what we seek.

Vibration is running the show. This being the case, vibrating higher daily is essential to taking your spiritual powers back.

Ask yourself: What part of you needs tending to, nourishing, and more courage and strength? Are you doing what cleanses your energy, recovers, and revives you?

Make sure you're resting–properly, restoring–regularly, eating–healthy, and staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water, eat more green vegetables!! We are electrical beings, and we need what charges us. Water is energy, and plants and veggies carry light frequencies from the sun. Recharge yourself!!

And as a sweet golden rule, be sure you're not too hard on yourself, by journeying in grace. Somedays you'll be a model devotee of your higher path, and other days, you may miss the mark. Breathe grace, dust yourself off, and try again. This is how you carry on–ward in the world.


"Pain is where the

Light enters you."

– Rumi

Any pain, discomfort, or unrest, is the opening for the light you seek. Trust that the answers you receive are part of the higher solution to 'the wound'. 

Spiritual nudges, messages, and insights are all light. They show up with a purpose. Allow it all in. Let it take up space in your life. Intergrade it. Follow through. Allow it to fully transform into the solution. Honor it. 

The more you honor what comes through, the more often and more powerful, it comes through.


Open your heart and

mind up to receive.

As mentioned above, sometimes you're not aware of the answers or insights because of conscious blockage, mental fatigue, or distraction of some sort. When this is so, look to your dreams. The answers may come in your dreams when there's less resistance, fatigue, illness, or discomfort in the mind and body. They will appear when you're less distracted.

Dream Moods is a powerful and fun online dream dictionary.

The answers can appear in the most common and uncommon places: songs, books, conversations with children and strangers, support groups, a spiritual talk, a yoga instructor, a religious sermon, sacred poetry, dreams, wording on a sign, free-writing in your journaling, a conversation you overhear, and so forth. Use discernment by all means, but don't allow your ego, or the spirit of resistance, to judge where the message is coming from, to the point of missing the message that was for you. The Divine will always use whoever and whatever it/she/he sees fit.

How freeing, full of grace–and inclusive?!!


Mindfulness With It.

What is your channel

picking up at any

given moment?

Are you picking up low or high frequencies? Are you receiving the right messages? Are the thoughts and energy that are coming through empowering you in an upward spiral, or a downward spiral?

You can always self-correct and reroute yourself.

Words, beliefs, and thoughts carry energy and vibration. Energy and vibration are what move us towards, or away, from a thing. May you develop empowered energy and vibration. May your beliefs, thoughts, and actions, allow you to receive higher insights, answers, solutions, and progress, in your mind, body, and whole life.



channels to vibrate

out of:

•Rejection •Embarrassment •Shame •Guilt •Overwhelm •Numb •Disconnected •Irritability •Drained •Fear •Sarcastic •Envious •Bitter •Spiteful •Overbearing •Unqualified •Under appreciated •Disappointment •Overlooked •Confused •Doubtful •Heavy-hearted •Loneliness •Body-shame •Unsupported •Burn-out •Low Self-confidence •Unrest •Low self-worth •Confusion •Insecurity • Wounded 



channels to vibrate


• Acceptance •Confidence •Growth •Reassurance •Fortified •Connected •Energized •Kind •Supportive •Light •Peaceful •Humble •Qualified •Able •Appreciated •Clarity •Light hearted •Strong •Higher-belief •Body-love •Supported • Surrender •Security •Courage •Refreshed •Healing •Wholenesses • Clarity •Balance •Joy •Inner-peace •Restored


Wait Mindfully and

In Your Power

If you experience impatience, discouragement, or burnout creeping in, keep in mind that you're more powerful, productive, and healthy, when you're at peace. Your role, in this case, is to increase your faith and grow in the security of your belief system, in The Divine, and that all is working out for your precious good. Stay ready by remaining a clear channel.

Breathe faith, patience, high vibrations, and trust.

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Living Mindfully

Fig 1. I AM Mindful | by India X | Malibu, CA.

Fig 1. I AM Mindful | by India X | Malibu, CA.

Living Mindfully

When we’re not mindful, precious moments slip away without us ever noticing them, including moments we could’ve been powerful in.‬ May you journey mindfully, showing up in more and more wholeness and higher awareness for yourself, as well as for others.‬


On mindfulness with Lalah Delia.



What is


Fig 2. I AM Home | by India X | Malibu, CA.

Fig 2. I AM Home | by India X | Malibu, CA.


Mindfulness — is a mental state and awareness achieved by placing one’s focus on the present moment. Living mindfully is calmly acknowledging, observing, and/or accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations as what is: your now. From this place of higher observation, mindfulness becomes a therapeutic technique to transform what is before us, or within us, into greater lessons, blessings, connectedness, higher potential, and a path to inner peace.


On a psychological

and Physical level

On a psychological level, living in the present moment has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress. And since stress and anxiety are significant culprits in sickness, pain, and disease, living in the present moment, in turn, leads to better physical health and more joy.

ASK YOURSELF: What can I do to best support my well being today, or in this moment? Then, be on the lookout for the answers, tests, and opportunities to do so. They may come to you in quiet thought, through an intuitive nudge or flash, a word, conversation, or some other method may capture your attention. Be open to how the answers may arrive.


When it’s Hard

When you find it challenging to be fully present, take time to tune out the distractions. Slow down your life and your thoughts. Disconnect from all you can, as much as you can.


Catch Yourself

Our mind and vibration becoming too full, distressed, and cluttered, can be so subtle or quick that we don't always see it happening. We notice it often times after the fact. Through coming back to being present, the now, we have control over what we give focus, energy, and power to: we choose what we allow to continue. We catch ourselves from looping into old patterns and spiraling out into spaces that don’t serve us.

WHAT TO BE AWARE OF: Old patterns, behaviors, and outdated timelines feeling like the right choice, when they are not. Grow in all things. Sharpen your mindfulness skills by practicing in real time moments. Respect the technique/s you’ve learned and that work for.


Mindfulness From A

Spiritual View

In spiritual faiths and traditions, challenges and even suffering, are not just that; they are viewed as and transmuted into gateways to higher potential, wisdom, fortification, and greater enlightenment.

Grow through, and transform, whatever you go through. Even small moments are big opportunities for big change. We have Divine help and power with us and in us to overcome any challenging moments, days, nights, or seasons. Take refuge in the Higher Power of your faith.

Cover yourself in your spirituality. Keep being mindful and vibrate higher, from wherever you find yourself, daily. Inner-peace and sweet solace will enter through here. You'll begin to have real joy, greater inner peace, and higher-vibrational inspiration.

Gratitude is a sacred way to bring yourself back home, wherever you are.


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