On Embracing Rest

Fig. 1 | Slowing Living

Fig. 1 | Slowing Living

Embracing rest –

is embracing the


Embracing Rest

When’s the last time you embraced rest? Like on a spiritual and mindful level?

Rest is a necessity we so often and too easily put on the back burner because being busy in these modern times can give us the illusion we are accomplishing what’s most important. But our modern-day busyness needs boundaries.

Unhealthy and unbalanced busy energy, as in over-focusing on the ‘big things’ that have to get done, can create an imbalance in our lives and relationships. Balance is a sacred medicine that can nourish our lives and the connections in them, when we let it in.

Small things

The small things can be often overlooked for big things.

When we do the ‘small things’ with great love, they become not just big things, but the most beautiful of things. Take delight in small things, tasks, and moments. The Divine sure does!! Hello Sabbath!! I think Saturday and Sunday’s are so enchanting for most of us because it’s the time we focus on the small things. That said, the weekend can come and go, and if we aren’t careful with our boundaries and intentions, we haven’t fully recuperated from the week before, or fully rested and recharged for the week's journey ahead.

Slow Living

Slow down to rest your busy mind and to appreciate the small and simple things.

Slow living brings restoral–and restoral–brings renewal. If you’re not familiar with the tools and practice of this lifestyle art, the slow living class in the member’s lounge will guide you through this powerful path and practice.

Creative Rest

Say you’ve been steady at work on a project or a mission, creative rest is putting your workload down, walking away from it, and doing something completely different.

Writers do this as an essential part of birthing our stories, words, and books. In order to fully see and make better sense of what we have created and how it serves our writing goal and purpose, and if it all even makes sense, we walk away, we do something else with our energy, we tend to other parts of our lives, and interests and we return to our work with a refreshed mind–and new eyes. It could be for a few days that you release it, a few weeks, or a month, or even longer, just let it breathe and then come back to it to see it with greater clarity, and a new perspective even. This cures creative blocks like a charm. This can be applied to all work fields and projects. Some of my favorite ways to practice creative rest is to spend quality time with my daughter and son, getting out there in nature, slow living, full rest, road trips, farmers markets, and binging on my favorite creative and spiritual icons.

Rest helps to better

our process.

Full Rest

Where creative rest has you doing other mind stimulating things, full rest would look like putting yourself on 'bed rest'.

Unapologetically and with ‘no exceptions’, where and when possible. These are days where you are free to take it as slow and easy as necessary to fully restore–to come back and be better. Have help with it, you know? Find someone who you can lean on who gets it and supports you in this process. My daughter India and I hold space for one another in this sacred way. Sometimes you can prepare for this deep rest: as in getting any affairs in order, completing chores, and notifying the people in your lives ahead of time. At other times, you may experience a sudden need to rest yourself deeper and fuller. People will have to become respectfully patient, and things will just have to remain undone—until you are fully done: restoring.

To live a healthy, joyful, and sustainable life, you’ll need proper rest. The right people get it and support you with it. That’s how you’ll know.

Who can you partner up with, to lean on one another? Here’s a sweet song to encourage you and help you call it in.


Lean On Me – by Bill Withers | Live on Soul Train 1974

Across genres, Bill is my favorite singer-songwriter. He just gets life. As if one of the great a mystic. And he lives like one too!! These lyrics are spiritual. They are so beautifully, mindful, and so necessary. We all need somebody to lean on. We all can help carry each other's load.

Especially when we need sacred rest.

Fig. 02 | Journey blessings

Fig. 02 | Journey blessings


Showing up with a

restored soul, a

rejuvenated body, a

refreshed spirit, and

a renewed mind, is

a sacred gift.

It’s a gift that you, your work, and those connected to you deserve.

How much different and higher our world will vibrate if more and more people took the time and made an effort to show up in this mindful, restorative, and intentional way?

This Week’s Challenge:

I lovingly challenge you to do something that will restore your soul, rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirit, and renew your mind, this week.

In closing

These are just a few suggestions on becoming still, finding peace, deeper creativity, and fuller rest. As you set the intention and begin implementation, you’ll even start to explore new wonderful ways.

Let me know what you found helpful, and I’ll share it with the community next time. Leave a comment on the blog thread, or send in your responses via dm or email.

If you’d like to delve deeper in spirit, vibration, and mind, check out the Summer Self-Care Series Vol. 1-3, here on the blog.

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