On Embracing Rest

Fig. 1 | Slowing Living

Fig. 1 | Slowing Living

Embracing rest –

is embracing the


Embracing Rest

When’s the last time you embraced rest? Like on a spiritual and mindful level?

Rest is a necessity we so often and too easily put on the back burner because being busy in these modern times can give us the illusion we are accomplishing what’s most important. But our modern-day busyness needs boundaries.

Unhealthy and unbalanced busy energy, as in over-focusing on the ‘big things’ that have to get done, can create an imbalance in our lives and relationships. Balance is a sacred medicine that can nourish our lives and the connections in them, when we let it in.

Small things

The small things can be often overlooked for big things.

When we do the ‘small things’ with great love, they become not just big things, but the most beautiful of things. Take delight in small things, tasks, and moments. The Divine sure does!! Hello Sabbath!! I think Saturday and Sunday’s are so enchanting for most of us because it’s the time we focus on the small things. That said, the weekend can come and go, and if we aren’t careful with our boundaries and intentions, we haven’t fully recuperated from the week before, or fully rested and recharged for the week's journey ahead.

Slow Living

Slow down to rest your busy mind and to appreciate the small and simple things.

Slow living brings restoral–and restoral–brings renewal. If you’re not familiar with the tools and practice of this lifestyle art, the slow living class in the member’s lounge will guide you through this powerful path and practice.

Creative Rest

Say you’ve been steady at work on a project or a mission, creative rest is putting your workload down, walking away from it, and doing something completely different.

Writers do this as an essential part of birthing our stories, words, and books. In order to fully see and make better sense of what we have created and how it serves our writing goal and purpose, and if it all even makes sense, we walk away, we do something else with our energy, we tend to other parts of our lives, and interests and we return to our work with a refreshed mind–and new eyes. It could be for a few days that you release it, a few weeks, or a month, or even longer, just let it breathe and then come back to it to see it with greater clarity, and a new perspective even. This cures creative blocks like a charm. This can be applied to all work fields and projects. Some of my favorite ways to practice creative rest is to spend quality time with my daughter and son, getting out there in nature, slow living, full rest, road trips, farmers markets, and binging on my favorite creative and spiritual icons.

Rest helps to better

our process.

Full Rest

Where creative rest has you doing other mind stimulating things, full rest would look like putting yourself on 'bed rest'.

Unapologetically and with ‘no exceptions’, where and when possible. These are days where you are free to take it as slow and easy as necessary to fully restore–to come back and be better. Have help with it, you know? Find someone who you can lean on who gets it and supports you in this process. My daughter India and I hold space for one another in this sacred way. Sometimes you can prepare for this deep rest: as in getting any affairs in order, completing chores, and notifying the people in your lives ahead of time. At other times, you may experience a sudden need to rest yourself deeper and fuller. People will have to become respectfully patient, and things will just have to remain undone—until you are fully done: restoring.

To live a healthy, joyful, and sustainable life, you’ll need proper rest. The right people get it and support you with it. That’s how you’ll know.

Who can you partner up with, to lean on one another? Here’s a sweet song to encourage you and help you call it in.


Lean On Me – by Bill Withers | Live on Soul Train 1974

Across genres, Bill is my favorite singer-songwriter. He just gets life. As if one of the great a mystic. And he lives like one too!! These lyrics are spiritual. They are so beautifully, mindful, and so necessary. We all need somebody to lean on. We all can help carry each other's load.

Especially when we need sacred rest.

Fig. 02 | Journey blessings

Fig. 02 | Journey blessings


Showing up with a

restored soul, a

rejuvenated body, a

refreshed spirit, and

a renewed mind, is

a sacred gift.

It’s a gift that you, your work, and those connected to you deserve.

How much different and higher our world will vibrate if more and more people took the time and made an effort to show up in this mindful, restorative, and intentional way?

This Week’s Challenge:

I lovingly challenge you to do something that will restore your soul, rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirit, and renew your mind, this week.

In closing

These are just a few suggestions on becoming still, finding peace, deeper creativity, and fuller rest. As you set the intention and begin implementation, you’ll even start to explore new wonderful ways.

Let me know what you found helpful, and I’ll share it with the community next time. Leave a comment on the blog thread, or send in your responses via dm or email.

If you’d like to delve deeper in spirit, vibration, and mind, check out the Summer Self-Care Series Vol. 1-3, here on the blog.

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Summer Self-Care Series – Vol 3: Spirit

Fig. 01 | Spirit vibrations | by Lalah Delia

Fig. 01 | Spirit vibrations | by Lalah Delia

Is your spirit light?

Things in life are always lighter when there’s someone else to help carry the load. On this human journey we’re each on, we have this higher source of help, always. And no matter how disconnected you may feel at times from yourself, from others, or from The Divine, you are not alone. There's a higher purpose for your life, your spirit, and with your gifts. You are a spiritual gift to this Earth. Through free-will, how you choose to live vibrationally is how you honor (or not honor) the higher mission and purpose of why you are here. So in this moment and onward, may you feel the power of your own divinity and of the Divine help that is always here to guide you. May you beautifully see yourself through the eyes of The Divine, and nothing less. And so, may your spirit be light and in higher purpose. What helps your spirit live light and in purpose?

My Lifestyle:

My spirituality is not

a separate part of

my life: it is my life.

Spiritual practice and work for me is an all-day thing, not only a morning routine. I begin each day with The Divine in mind. And after preparing myself for the morning, I connect. I align. I tap in. From here, I’m ready! This early A.M. ritual sets the tone of my day. It helps steer it in an intentional direction. I become the vessel, the mother, the sister, the friend, the writer, the creative, the educator, and the human being, from this place. I know my spirit is in the right place, nourished, and thriving, when my intentions for the day are to spread high vibrations in my goings, comings, doings, interactions, responses, and work. That lets me know.

Spirit Solutions

Fig. 02 | Path to Your Higher Self | by Lalah Delia

Fig. 02 | Path to Your Higher Self | by Lalah Delia

And on days, when

my spirit is feeling

unaligned and not

like its best self,

I make a conscious effort to journey in grace, nourish my spirit all the more, and vibrate higher–from wherever I find myself.

Seek Guidance. The important thing with being stuck is, is that I don’t camp out there. I observe what’s happening, and do the necessary things that get me unstuck and in higher flow. Sometimes, this is achieved through self-effort, and at other times it’s seeking out spiritual writings and teachings, a book, an inspirational message, a song, a poem, or through opening up to another trusted soul, who’s able to offer a word that’ll feed and help my spirit back to high vibrational ground. One thing my spirit is certain of and grateful for, is that there is always a way out. There’s always a guided pathway–to take us higher.

Restore Your Spirit + Raise Your Vibration: Keep in mind that you are not only a physical being, but a spiritual and vibrational being too. Seeking wellness and balance between these interdependent aspects of yourself, is what creates wholeness, and a sense of wholeness is what restores your spirit. So do more of what makes the various aspects of your being vibrate higher. This means that maybe it’s having a cup of sweet warm-cacoa/ cinnamon milk, swimming in the ocean, laying out in the sun, hiking, time in a garden, dancing, crying to release, a long overdue home spa-style bath, fully resting (as in the do not disturb sign on and all devices and wi-fi powered off), a nourishing meal, healing hands, inspirational teachings or music, or having church in your own way– somewhere alone or with a community. The possibilities are wonderfully endless. Do more of what makes you vibrate higher.

(More in Vol 2: Vibration)

Consult with The Divine. Throughout my day, I consult with The Divine, I ask questions, I say prayers, I share a laugh with the Divine about what’s going on in my life, and I look for the signs and messages. I give thanks, I ask for help.

Walk in Spiritual Integrity. Stay humble, graceful, disciplined, and in your power. Seek to operate with spiritual integrity and compassion.

Guard Your Mind: The mind is a powerful gateway. Guard your thoughts. Whether toxic or healthy, everything that goes into your mind, is food. Be a vigilante and fierce gatekeeper. Don’t give energy and focus to what will take your power away and weaken your spirit. Release limited belief systems. Renew your mind as necessary. Affirm yourself. Transform any lower thoughts into higher ones.

(More in Vol.1:Mind)

Self-Awareness + Spiritual-Awareness. Make time to introspect and reflect. Practice self-accountability. Stay aware of what’s happening within you and around you. Seek to honor the spiritual process for each day by being intentional, fully engaged, aware, and present in it. I ask and observe what the day is calling for and then I do my best to honor it. This could look like: slowing down to connect with my life, my tasks, or with others deeper, and softening and being more tender. Or, it could be picking up the pace and using more resolution, determination, and grit, where necessary. This also looks like time spent in sweet solitude, or, time with other souls divinely sent and assigned to my path, on any given day. Stay aware of what is and what’s needed.

Honor the Higher Call. My spiritual life and path are about being obedient to the higher call, instructions, and guidance coming through. And, realizing that when I'm feeling vulnerable, uncomfortable like I'm not enough, or feeling stretched, being in the will of The Divine is the safest and best place to be. And as human, vibrational, and spiritual be-ings, that higher call is our north star, our higher navigational system. It takes us to where we're supposed to be. And as we honor the process, it fortifies, matures, and blesses our spirit.

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings [Lalah Delia by India X]

Fig. 03 | Journey blessings [Lalah Delia by India X]


Spiritual Atmosphere

Be mindful. Every

atmosphere you

enter into has an

Effect on your spirit.

And you have an

effect on it.

There are many atmospheres you that enter on any given week, or day. Being mindful of the vibration and intention of any space you enter into, is spiritual work, guidance, higher insight, and even protection.

  1. What type of atmosphere do you live in?

  2. What type of atmosphere are you going to school in?

  3. What type of atmosphere are you entering when you're with friends and family? Or when out experiencing life?

  4. What type of vibration is there?

  5. What happens when you are exposed to lower vibrational atmospheres?

  6. What happens when you are exposed to higher vibrational atmospheres?

  7. What type of atmosphere helps you vibrate higher and come home to yourself?

Create the Space

Whether it’s in your home, your room, your closet, your altar, or your car, create sacred space to go grow and nurture fuller in. The ideal place is one that has reverence, is set apart, and is off limits to low-vibrational things. It’s your spirit’s dwelling place for the Divine.

At times, when on the fast move, it may have to be your car or shower that’s your ‘church or temple’ of the day. Do you!! At least you’re showing up for yourself in this mighty way. Ay!! Wherever your spirit finds it’s sanctuary space, may it lighten your spirit, and help it vibrate higher each day.

Spirit Prayer

Most High, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is dispair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy…

– Mother Teresa, via St. Francis of Assisi

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Summer Self-Care Series

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Medicine comes to us in many forms, and great music is one of them. Curated by Lalah Delia, Summertime Vortex is a soulful fusion good-vibe music. Various genres and time periods come together to bring you a soulful summer sound of high vibrational music medicine. Enter the Summertime Vortex! | Listen and follow the playlist.


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The Spiritual Art of Releasing and Letting Go

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As we journey and unfold further into Spring, I find myself reflecting on how much I shed during the winter. I also reflect on how at each level we arrive at in life there's something or someone that can't go with us to our next level. The next level is us vibrating higher in some aspect and area of our lives. It's an elevation process. And if we try to force that person or thing (that life is needing us to let go of) to fit into where we're headed, we only delay the process and progress. And we weight ourselves down, vibration-wise and energy-wise.


Everything in nature has a process and cycle of shedding, letting go, and making room for its developmental-progress. We're here to be a part of this same organic developmental-cycle. It's when we try not to be, that we experience thoughts that our life is working against us and not for us. I recall countless times where I've thought this. Do you, too? Buuuuut, come to find out life wasn't working against us, it was working for you and me all along.


The best way I've found to help my life is to get out of the way and trust the process. 'Trusting the process' is how we no longer become the roadblock in our process, progress, and journey.
— Lalah Delia


Our life knows the best way to bring us to a higher vibrational place within and without. This 'best way' is what divine order is all about.  Trusting the process and its divine order is also what spiritual maturity is all about, and how we obtain it. We grow spiritually through honoring the process.


For each of us, there's a specific divine order for our life, journeying into it is how we elevate and vibrate higher daily. Outside of it is where it feels as if we're swimming against the current of our life, or drifting lost at sea with no real sense of direction and purpose. The good news is that we win, find our way, and vibrate higher, by trusting the process, and letting it happen. Divine order and the developmental-cycle is all about our process onward and upward.

I've found that releasing who or what no longer serves our highest good brings about manifestation, as well. Things we've desired to manifest start showing up for us as we release who and what has been blocking the way.

The comfort that comes after releasing and then seeing the benefits of it is priceless. May you continue in the spiritual art of releasing who or what has completed its journey and purpose in your life. Onward and upward to you!!



Being Mindful | How To Win

When you perceive a (necessary) developmental-process in progress, get out of the way and allow it to happen.


Reflection Questions

What process is in progress in your life?

Are you in the way or hindering it in any way?

Where in your life are there delays?

What or who are you trying to bring along with you that you need to release instead?

What are you looking forward to manifesting through the spiritual art of releasing, getting out of the way, and letting go?


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