Sister Talk: The Creative Process

in Conversation w/Maryam Hasnaa


Sister Talk:

The Creative Process

In conversation w/Maryam Hasnaa

Are you currently in the process of creating, or desiring to create, in any area of life? What’s your soul’s current project and assignment?

What’s your purpose and your life’s work?

What intersection does your passion, pain, gifts, and your ability to offer service, merge? Doing the work is what heals you, protects you, and makes way for you in the world, in a greater vibrational way. Praise be!

Once I became clear that creativity is a part of our wellness, spiritual, and ever-evolving life path, I’ve honored it ever since.

A few common blockers I’ve experienced along the way that show up to stagnate us on the journey, are fear, doubt, the wrong people, and low self-worth. As we chip away at removing these energy traps and vibrating higher daily through it all, we become free and more powerful as conduits: to do the work. And, to do it at a high vibrational level.

May you live a path that best honors what you’re here to do and offer the world. And may this video with my beloved sister friend Maryam Hasnaa, support you on your way.

My current Creative


1.Creating the new and improved Members Lounge! Whoohoo! So beyond excited about this. 5 words: Stay tuned and get ready!

2. My book! Vibrate Higher Daily the book is birthing herself and I’m so truly grateful to be the conduit and vessel for her.

Maryam and I share what some of the processes look like. I share how to maintain and thrive during the creative process. Important!

Have something To add the conversation?

Let’s keep the conversation going. I’d love to learn more about it, your process, or to chat and answer any questions you have below in the comment section.

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