Subject 29: Inside Girlboss Rally

Inside Girlboss Rally

2019 L.A.| Behind the scenes and Panel Highlights

Journey with me! In this video vlog, I take you inside and behind the scenes of Girlboss Rally 2019, at UCLA in Los Angeles. So many wisdom gems were dropped at the rally.  Women came from all over the place, and the world to assemble in sisterhood, share, and learn together. The weather was warm, sunny, and electric. The whole function was vibing high.  Thank you, Summertime in California! 

So many places I could start. So, let's start here: GirlBOSSESS were everywhere!!

Throughout the day, I felt a kindred-ness with every lady I met. That's sisterhood. What a beautiful wavelength?! That’s just how it should be: the sisterhood supporting each other.

The topics and sessions at the rally were as diverse as you could imagine. So many feminine voices and minds sharing insight, tips, gifts, and wisdom. At the rally, Rupi Kaur recited her powerful poetry, my dear sister-friend Erica Chidi Cohen, author, doula, and founder of Loom in Los Angeles, shared here thoughts and grace with the audience, and Girlboss’s founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso gave the opening address and chatted about all things entrepreneur-hood. As a lady entrepreneur (a.k.a. Girlboss), having a network and platform such as Girlboss to tap into is a beyond valuable.


GIRLBOSS RALLY Dream Out Loud wall:


“We may falter, we are human, it’s okay. I always say, journey with power and grace…”


Girlboss Rally, UCLA, Los Angeles | L to R: Liz Hernandez, Lalah Delia, Jerico Mandybur, Lauren Ash | Photo Credit: Rachel Murray, Getty Images

Girlboss Rally, UCLA, Los Angeles | L to R: Liz Hernandez, Lalah Delia, Jerico Mandybur, Lauren Ash | Photo Credit: Rachel Murray, Getty Images

About our panel

Our panel included other like-minded lady entrepreneurs (a.k.a. Girlbosses) who I admire. One, in particular, my good sister-friend Lauren Ash, speaker, founder of Black Girl in Om, and also the host of the Black Girl in Om podcast. I met Liz Hernandez, creator, and founder of Wordaful, and moderator Jerico Mandybur, author, self-care coach, and spiritual guide, or the first time IRL. They were beautiful souls.

You know when you meet IRL and it feels like you've already met before? Yeah, it was that kind of glorious energy.

Our panel’s focus was all about self-care, a very welcomed request from Girlboss. Our theme and title was title Slowing Down and Being Kind(er) to Yourself. I'm convinced that vibrating higher daily through self-care changes the game and allows higher purpose to actualize. This has been the case over and over again in my life and in the lives of my good entrepreneur friends.

No matter where we find ourselves and no matter what our tasks, aspirations, and goals at hand are and set before us, as we take care of ourselves, we embody more and more personal power and grit, to make it all a reality. Both of which are a must in when going after and manifesting your dreams, goals, and visions.

Self-care re-ignites our fire and passion. It nourishes us, fuels us,  and restores us, helping us to show up daily as higher potential vessels and conduits in the world, especially when we're feeling depleted and worn out. Self-care anyone? 

And of course, fortifying through self-care helps empower us to become the Gilrbosses we envision ourselves being; it sustains us!!

Find your soul's medicine.

Reflect on the various ways self-care empowers you. What methods and forms of self-care help you vibrate higher and feel like you again? Once you have an answer, you have the pathway. Whatever it is that makes you vibrate higher daily, do more and more of that. That's your soul's medicine. And, it’s essential to the smaller and bigger process at work in your life. 

“Self-care for me is a place where you go and you don’t leave until you’re empowered.”

–Lalah Delia



Here are Some of My Talking points

Self-care for me is a place where you go and you don’t leave until you’re empowered. It’s is a pathway to empowerment for me.



Self-care is not something new. The word is new, but the governing practice has been moving through a different language, throughout different times. And so, this is our time.

We have to remember that our ancestors, the generations before us, always had a way to slow down, to connect and to reset. And in the Black tradition - it would be our spirituality. Going way-way back it was still-away in solitude when possible, spirituality, gathering, and singing spirituals by a river. And in the Civil Rights movements, they had prayer meetings and meetings in each other’s homes. For our generation it is different. We don’t do the same things or fight the same struggles, but we are a continuation of their work. And so we have to remember that we have to self-care to get through and over: to vibrate higher daily. 

They didn’t have the tools that we have today. We are so fortunate. Being a continuation of their work, we have no excuse not to be on the front lines and to be empowered. We may falter, we are human, it’s okay. I always say, journey with power and grace, because on some days, you will find yourself depleted. Being spiritual beings in these human bodies can be exhausting, so when you find yourself exhausted, I always say take all the time you need to feel like you again. When you remember who you are, the game changes. That’s through self-care for me, that’s what the empowering practice is about. 


Self-care is going to be the foundation for you, and it’s always going to go back to that. 


Each of you have a mission that you were brought to this planet with, and without self-care you’re gonna forget who you are, people will deplete you, you'll feel stuck, and always on the sidelines, but with self-care, which is something to get you going–you get back in the game with fresh higher vibrations and energy, and you become the empowered hero of your life again. And, you'll serve and show up in a greater capacity and potential.


In the Buddhist tradition, the root of all suffering is not being in the present moment. So you’re either thinking about the past or about the future. That’s a quick way to ground: ok let me think, me at this very moment, wherever I find myself, I'm ok I’m good. And from there if you are feeling stuck or weary or tired, any type of fear-based thoughts come up, just switch that, switch the vibration. i teach all about vibration, and it’s just turning the radio up. And you start affirming, I am more than able to do this. You visualize yourself doing that thing empowered or you visualize the outcome being okay. 


For me, a thing that always brings me back, is gratitude. In this world, the feminine is rising at a level that is truly astounding, and we are breaking down patriarchal models, and paths. The whole get rich without trying, no, no thank you. That goes against everything that is self-care is about, and that goes against the natural rhythm of who a woman is. We can go slow, we have cycles, we can be in the present moment and know that everything is coming to us. We are meeting ‘it’ as we are being who we are and showing up [in the present]. We have a cycle. So that’s patience in itself. Embody that. 

What this can look like for me, is when I feel like I’m not doing enough or something should be happening quicker, I go to gratitude. What’s happening right now? And a lot of times I’m like wait a minute, i have so much to be grateful for right now. And so i go to my gratitude list and I’ll start listing three things I’m grateful for. 


Journey in grace. 


You don’t have to be so strict with this. Have fun. The Universe has a sense of humor, God has a sense of humor. If you look at your journey it’s pretty funny. When we can laugh about it, it really makes the healing and the vibration change and it neutralizes a lot of triggers. 


When we are so pushed to perform and to compare ourselves, I just want to bring comparison in here, because when we’re comparing we’re not [living] in the now. You are in a sacred process of always unfolding and becoming, and so who you are right now, deserves your attention and deserves your presence and deserves that you be fully engaged in where you are. 

When you can be fully engaged, you show up as a powerhouse wherever you go. You’re not trying to be anyone else. You are who you are. Be fully embodied, engaged, and integrated with who you are. For me, that’s how I’ve been able to really live in my now moments. The future will take care of itself, you got this. 


Self-care is not selfish. Sometimes women are taught to give, give, give, and aren’t giving to themselves, and that if you do take time to yourself it’s selfish. There shouldn’t be any shame around self-care - it’s not selfish. 


When you find yourself doing something and being hard on yourself or feel down if it’s not working for you, know that someone else’s path may not your path. You’re a unique individual. Not that it’s not the right path for you because it doesn’t work, but because you’re unique. Be okay with exploring. That’s the fun part of self-care, that you can explore all you want. Also in different seasons in your life, your self-care routines will change. Be okay if you have to transition out of a routine that doesn’t work for you currently. That’s been my biggest relief, when I can say, ok it’s not that it’s not working for me it’s just not working for me now, it’s not the way, it’s not for this season. And then I can pick up and do something new. That’s a good way to explore.

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Contemplation &


What does self-care mean and look like to you?

Were you brought up seeing what self-care looks like?

Have you established healthy boundaries in your life?

How will you create a strong and devoted relationship with self-care?

How might you support a loved one’s need for self-care?

How can you be kind(er) to yourself?

Have a question, or

something to share?

Drop a comment below. Your thoughts, questions, and feedback, are welcomed, valued, appreciated.

Girlboss Rally


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Subject 24: Navigating This Life

Lalah Delia-1 27.jpg

Navigating This Life

Replay From Live Online class

Live class, chat, and Q + A are back in this one!

Life is suppose to empower us and fortify us into higher, proper, and necessary, action.

So much is going on in various directions and we are feeling it deep: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically, and vibrationally. Just in all the ways. We are looking for our place, balance, purpose, way, and power, in it all. The inner and outer awakening is no doubt happening. We see that there are high vibrations and low vibrations are at war, within or without, near and far. We are being called rise into our higher potential on all levels, all the more.

In this class, we navigate into it.

Be in the world, but not of it.

– scripture

“She emerged from it all transformed.”

– Lalah Delia

Navigating This Life

Talking Points:

  1. Realize Your Role:

    In order to navigate this life, it going to take realizing Our role here as: Angels, Warriors, and Overseers, vessels and conduits. Which are you?  


  2. Honor Your Spiritual Instincts:

    It takes honoring your spiritual instincts: over everything.

    And living live by it/them.

  3. Protocol:

    A code or system you live by. 

    What lifestyle best supports who you are? What nutritional path, what self-care routine, what type of people and relationships, what type of environment? 

  4. Set Boundaries:

    Boundaries are about living faithfully to who you are as a vessel, warrior, earth angel, and soul being, and not entwining yourself with what isn’t in service to your highest good, or with the higher good of the collective. It’s not personal, it’s vibrational. It’s energy.

  5. Observe:

    Earth angels, Warriors, Teachers, Creative, and Overseers live a very observant life, because they must. Keep a mindful eye on what’s happening in your space and in the settings around you while out in public spaces. Stay security minded. This helps you to ‘not get caught slippin’. When you're observant, you have more power to respond instead of reacting. Distinguish what yours and what’s someone else’s vibration and projections. Acknowledge any areas you’re being called to develop and grow more in, to show up and serve more in, and to release, let go, and move on from. 

  6. Sacred Covenants:

    When you live and operate as the earth angel, the warrior, and vessel and conduit, there are spiritual laws that will now passionately govern your life, your choices, and actions. And there are sacred covenants that you honor and uphold as far as what you engage in and refrain from, in this life. 

  7. Stay Ready:

    Fortify. Do your sacred work. Do more of what sharpens you, nourishes you, and gives you power: mind, body, spirit, soul, vibrational. This helps you to show up ready and in your power, and to remain composed and poised on your journey.  

    “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

  8. Integrate Your Shadow:

    You can virtuous and assertive. This is where you stop being a yes person and become brave. You now bring in your shadow and give it a healthier role, which is setting in place your ‘sacred no’s’. To stand up for your truth wherever need be. This is not about giving toxic habits in that you are being called to transcend, but about the helpful traits left that you may avoid and neglect to except as a part of you and abide in them. Your higher potential, higher purpose, higher good, and higher path will require you to be in your power. It’s about incorporating your strengths and not dumbing them down, having them under-control.

    Once intergraded it now has a higher purpose to serve you and not control you, and run wild. “What angers you controls you, have peace and you control it.” Intergrading it gives it a higher purpose. Once you integrate your shadow, the game changes and people feel it. This is where and when people say, you’ve changed, and then start coming correct. 

    “Oh she didn't get rid of it, she integrated it” Uh oh!”

    And this took me a while. It took letting go of who and what didn’t serve me in order to go be in the spiritual desert where the alchemy happens.

    “She emerged from it all transformed.”


  1. How are you feeling?

  2. How is your heart?

  3. Are you navigating in your power and gifts?

  4. Do you feel empowered enough?

  5. Do you know how to navigate forward? Is there clarity?


  1. Which role/s are you?

  2. What areas are you navigating in your personal life?

  3. How about in the wider world? What areas are you navigating?

  4. What areas are paining you to navigate? What areas are pure joy?

  5. How can you poise and fortify yourself to show up poised and in your power? How can you overcome distractions in your way?

  6. What shadows (limiting beliefs, fears, habits, traits, patterns, and so on) can you transmute into strengths and positives?

  7. What does emerging from all you’re navigating through transformed, look and feel like?

Journey in grace

and power.

–Lalah Delia

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Subject 22: Sisterhood | Women Supporting Women

Lalah Delia-1 16.jpg


Women Supporting Women

As women, we are taking our place in the world more and more daily.

We are rising out of lives and relationships of all sorts that no longer serve us, or that never have, and making space for lives and relationships that will.

Vibrating higher daily, also looks like being a great sister friend and creating the necessary community of high vibrations for each other to feel nurtured, held, and supported in. It also means, taking those high vibrations out into the wider world around you, as medicine and nourishment, through all you contribute to the collective.

As we journey in power and grace, we can help our sister friends do the same. We can become beacons and create powerful support systems, so all in the sisterhood thrive and reach higher potentials.

If you don’t yet have the sisterhood, no worries, you can call it in. That’s exactly what I have done throughout my journey. Sometimes, different levels of growth, requires new sister friends to show up in your life. And you in theirs. As you do the work of vibrating higher daily, and living in your purpose and power, they show up.

Through divine alignment, certain higher friendships will only manifest and materialize once you’ve done ‘the work’ and have developed and unfolded in necessary ways, and are vibrating at a certain frequency to match them.

Doing the work is how the sisterhood assembles itself.

Women showing up and supporting other women is ancestral and tribal.

–Lalah Delia

When women remember who they are, the game changes.

– Lalah Delia



Subject 22

Talking Points:

How Women Can Empower Other Women:

  1. When women support you return the favor

  2. Give back to the women who give to you

  3. Don't let the other women you care about carry the friendship alone

  4. Send positive messages to each other

  5. Reinforce self-love and self-care culture

  6. Show up, pitch in, and mean it


  1. Do you have a sisterhood? If not, what actions will you gracefully take to call in and manifest your sisterhood?

  2. What is the vibration of your sisterhood?

  3. How can you show up in a supportive and high vibrational way?

  4. Who can you serve, be a reinforcer for, and support ?

  5. Who in sisterhood inspires you? How is this person standing in her power and being a gracious beacon and sister? How can you support her back?

  6. Who is no longer serving you in sisterhood? How will you set firmer boundaries, heal the disharmony, or detach, release, and move on? What way feels highest vibrational to you?

  7. How will you take deliberate and intentional action towards sisterhood?

  8. How will your sisterhood positively serve the collective world?



Here’s the MindBodyGreen article I contributed to. Also featuring a couple of my close dear friends in sisterhood:

30 Ways To Actually

Empower Women


"When it comes to actually slowing down and taking the necessary time we need out for self-care, we sometimes need reinforcements to make sure we actually slow down and do so," Lalah Delia tells mbg. "Being a reinforcer for one another in this way could look like helping to create the space and container for self-care time to actualize. Such as: covering the workload or chores for a sister friend, picking up her children and giving her time off, helping to extract her from her rigid routine and life for a while, running her a spa-style bath at her place or yours, scheduling her a massage or other spa treatment, making her a nourishing herbal tonic to slow down and gather herself, and just basically helping her to take a pause from her life, and not allowing her to resume until she is refueled, re-nourished, and feeling like herself again. This is a great way to be in service, as vessels, to the ones we love."

”She will need her


–Gloria Steinem

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Subject 19: Mind-Care

Lalah Delia-1 10.jpg

Mind Care

Stillness, Mind Hacks + Composure

“No longer reacting to people who trigger who is one of the best ways to strengthen your spiritual muscles.”

– Lalah Delia

There are many reasons why you may desire to still your mind, to mind hack, and to gain deeper composure.

Maybe it’s due to a spiritual path you’re feeling the call to begin.  Maybe you need the stillness to focus on healing, recovering, and restoring. Maybe you desire to slow your life and your thoughts down in order to have a more nourished being and more inner-peace. 

Maybe it’s to take your power back. Or, to heighten your creativity. 

Maybe it’s to take a stand and to signal clear boundary.

Whatever your inspiration may be, know that stillness is a spiritual response, as is a composed spirit. They’re powerful ones!

”Stillness and composure are how you find yourself again, and align with The Divine.”

–Lalah Delia

Stillness, Mind Hacks

+ Composure

Subject 19 Video


How and where will you implement more stillness and composure into your life?

What usual triggers will you outsmart by mind-hacking?

Connecting to The Divine in still moments is a powerful way to cleanse and fortify the soul.

Supportive Practices







Remembering who you are

Time out in natural spaces and environments

Nervous System Care


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